Is man merely a mistake of God’s? Or God merely a mistake of man?

Love towards story telling is something we all have enjoyed as we stepped into this world, I believe.
This hobby of interest in stories is what makes me watch all kinds of movies. Recently, happen to watch many English, Hindi and Malayalam movies out of which one of them touched me deeply and may be more because of the recent brutal murder of Late Dr. Narendra Dabholkar.
The Malayalam movie – “Prabhuvinte Makkal” – it’s a very thought provoking movie I would say. The story is written and well directed by Sajeevan Anthikad.
When I saw this movie, it reminded me of why I am scared of people who keep imposing religion or keep talking about religion and even wearing the saffron colored clothes… it gives me a sheer cold feet with always a doubtful feel as what is his /her intention?

This movie very well shows how a young college going guy – Vinay Forrt gets curious about the world and he being a devotee leaves all the luxury of life and goes to Himalayas to find the truth. Vinay Forrt has done a very good job in this movie and Jijoy who has acted as Vinay’s elder brother – an atheist who advise his younger brother not to get carried away with these spiritual Gurus and yet Vinay, who wants to experience it, takes that path to find the truth and the truth is that he leaves his home to find the truth in spirituality but he returns as an atheist 🙂 . Prakash Bare as the god-man who is also the villain in the movie.

I was always a curious child when I was growing up and I questioned every other myth that I was told to follow. I always liked to challenge those even though I used to get this advise that bad omen will come upon you.
Somewhere inside me that told me its all what we believe in or else there has to be a logical or scientific reason.
Everyone should watch this movie and to be precise one shouldn’t force upon anyone to follow any religion until and unless a person decides to base on his/her findings and beliefs.
This movie unveils step by step of all the magical things that a yogi or spiritual guru does and frankly speaking I was feeling very happy and content because it felt as if all this time I was asking and challenging for things which they showed in the movie that its all a game – a trick that anyone who practices can also do it.
After this movie I was thinking if there was any threatening issues for this movie, writer, producer or director or even the actors for supporting these thoughts and beliefs? Dr. Dabholkar was raising these points and was trying to bring awareness and look what people did to him? Sad, but then when you see what the killers have done to Dr Dabholkar, how can you say there is God? If there was then this God should have come and protect the lives of such people who are trying to enlighten the society with non-violence movements… something to think about and fear with ourselves and not ‘The God’.
The movie has English sub-titles and if possible everyone should watch this ;-). Loved the song written by Changampuzha and sung by G Venugopal.
“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”


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