All I want is a clear mind and a happy heart :)

It is crazy I realize that when we are pumped up with energy, passion and time we commit too many things. Yes, that is how I feel because yesterday I was so full of energy to write about my poetry month experience that I committed to write each day a post and I thought at that time, I will be able to do so because I often have so many thoughts that I can jot down.

“Over-commitment is what happens when your enthusiasm for life collides with the reality of your calendar.” ~ Rachel Schultz

Today, after the busy and good productive day mind is kind of blind and I thought I might write a poetry stating the frame of mind, but I guess it is better to state my mind in sentences.
A busy day with lot of planning and forward thinking on the process really gives an internal satisfaction to mind and heart specially when you love your job. Today is that day where I felt leadership minds coming together with the plan for that will bring success to the team and to the business.

“A mind open to alternative perceptions is a mind aligned with love.”  

It is very important not to burned down all the energy of your team and get a result which is quality wise lacking because at the end of the day its human to have work-life balance.
Being a disciplined and process oriented person I do believe that these processes do not tie you down just for the sake of it. It should make a sense and result out of it otherwise we have the option to modify it.
I see that happening after lot of discussions and its a happy ending… May the 4th be with you all!

“Clear your mind. Your heart is trying to tell you something.”

Happy weekend

~ Dawn


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