Crepi lupo!

Paris fever was not down yet when we landed in Rome. It’s hot, when I say that it means it’s hot as if you’re in the oven and yet you’re dripping wet with sweat.

Our experience with bed and breakfast was way different than what I had experienced long back in 2000 when I did the UK trip. It’s an apartment and each room is given to individuals. There’s no breakfast by the way, it’s just that you get beds to sleep and common bathroom to use. Now this comes interesting if you were not told about this, obviously one wouldn’t book if that was known earlier. Something to be aware for next time.
When the bed and breakfast was like this, the view on Rome or rather I should say Italy was way different because now mind is trapped with judgement. Anyway I even went as far as thinking about Sonia Gandhi, the former Congress President of India, as it was her place and this is how she must have lived and what not.

We got out to walk around and eat, it was good. This place looked like India. My kids were surprised as they even kept saying it smells like India…! Well what do you think of Europe? It’s not all that heaven. But I truly feel that we are spoiled in North America and probably our expectations around the world too. May be that’s why people don’t like North Americans unless you’re from Canada!
One thing we figured out Rome is for Romans, the believers. It was good to go on the guided tours to understand the history of Rome, and that rivalry, slavery, women as second or third class category, it all make sense that we have not changed even though a lot has changed for people from then to today!
I wish it was a bit cooler and less crowded, but at this time it’s only a wish.

People didn’t seem all that friendly and I felt may be that’s because of certain place that I stayed or people don’t smile at tourists? In bocca Al lupa!
Three nights we spent here and we visited Colesseum, couple of churches, Vatican museum. In fact I walked through those 14 steps on my knees where Jesus Christ walked when he was crucified on the cross.
We had an amazing experience of meeting a malayali family who invited us to their home, rather the person’s brother came all the way to escort us knowing we are new in town.
This trip also helped understanding how people migrate to Italy, in what conditions and circumstances, what kind of jobs they do and how they survive at one place with multiple families living together to save money and look forward for a better future.
Some still have that pride of living in Roman Catholics country and struggle for that sake is not a big issue.

We had the opportunity to eat Indian Kerala food and the hospitality indeed was touching to the heart. You go places and meet some people and you connect in today’s world virtually as well that’s today’s era!
It was very obvious by now that we were there to see some places and leave when it’s time to leave!
Evening we went out when the Sun set and Moon showed up for dinner. Since it was very hot we decided to eat light and simple nearby. The first restaurant that showed up we went in, it was a Chinese food and believe me it was incredible. The food was tasty and spicy and it was not pricey at all.

As they say all thats well ends well… We took the morning train to Venice with new hope and new adventure… Until then it’s in bocca al lupo to us until we reach home safely!

~ Dawn


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