23 years Of my journey…!


This day embarks 23 years
Of my journey that I took
Out of curiosity and desire
That time everyone said,
A crazy thought to go alone,
A girl of this young age,
Shouldn’t travel alone!
Today when I look back
It’s a journey of win and lose,
In this learning curve of life,
I have many unknown and new
People to thank for their kindness,
The enlightenment and lessons,
That I learned sometimes by self,
Sometimes by becoming that fool,
Made new friends and lost old ones,
Just like the nature’s way of getting,
The dead skin out and the new embracement,
Valued people and respected their teachings,
Money was a mere necessity then and even now,
Keeps me happy and grounded,
Looking back from this path,
Feels good that I took that flight,
It taught me about life and its reality,
Friends and foes, real ones and negatives,
Taught me there’s gray in between white & black,
There’s tears in between laughter and giggles,
And in all this, there is only one You
Be humble and kind, Watch out for needy,
Today or tomorrow we all will be in same path,
To another journey that we don’t get to choose,
A path that is unknown to all of us, yet
I thank this journey and pathfinders!
~ Dawn

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