A scary yet unclear journey


It was a scary yet unclear journey
Sometimes you think after you decide,
I was here at the immigration wondering,
When the officer called and assessed papers,
Like a school teacher she said wait I will have to think,
Since I didn’t bring enough money to live in,
I was about to be sent back in next flight,
But, so called God had a different plan for me,
I was let in because of my education,
Now I am in, so what’s my next move?
Everything was happening so quick,
I had no time to think or react even,
Should I feel happy or worried?
The night was long and late but
A young man runs and comes to me,
Asking about flights he runs to phone booth,
A little later he comes and offers to drop where I want to go,
The biggest question even I had was where will I go?
Worried being a girl, I had to lie to him,
I will be staying tonight in the hotel and
Will fly to America later I said!
He believed and suggested some hotels
And I made him to call them to book one,
He left with a card and I thanked him saying
~ Dawn

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