The expectation of Pastor was not met..


I prepared the resume but had to be printed,
Realized the resumes are different there and here,
India will ask you to put your personal life story,
Whereas Canada had some privacy and decency too,
Printed ten copies without letting Pastor know about it,
He was worried about the ink and probably about me,
Day went in translation and some Jesus stories,
I went to bed that night early as I was still jet lagged,
Yamuna was a name to me as she was busy at work,
I often wondered how can you devote yourself to work,
Don’t you want a life, a partner and fun time to live?
Next morning, as instructed I got ready and went to church,
Like an obedient went with Aunty and sat next to her,
We hanged our coats and sat on our bench with Bible,
I was like a specimen where every eyeball was staring at me,
Daughter and Son came together but were detached from this,
Praise the lord, Father welcomed everyone in the church,
Looking around saying hello! to every eye-contact that I made,
It was funny and surprising how selling skill works in every field,
Pastor was on stage preaching When he welcomed me with my name,
When I see a mic passed to me, asking tell how you are desperate to convert..!
I was shocked but you got to be up to your game no matter what!
Took the mic and thanked Pastor for telling me why Jesus sacrificed his life …
I thanked everyone and praised Pastor for his good deeds and gave the mic back,
The expectation of Pastor was not met..
But I met another Pastor who saw an opportunity in me!!!!
~ Dawn


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