When I saw a computer..!


It was Saturday and Yamuna worked all day.
I was so eager to spend time with her,
Thinking it must be a weekend,
But some jobs have no weekend,
Its more hours and many more hours,
When your job is paid by hour,
I had no choice but to spend time in Bible,
Breakfast was done and I did the dishes too,
That’s the norm I am taught to help others,
Pastor and his wife sat to chat with me,
Doing god’s job will help in bringing luck,
He asked me to translate his songs,
Since I said I know more than one language,
It seemed like a work to me so,
I asked if I will get paid for,
Immediate reaction was praise the lord,
You never ask for money it’s God’s job,
To get to their better side I agreed,
Tried couple of lines in Hindi,
That’s when I saw a computer,
Quickly checked if I may use it,
Since I was good he also agreed,
Speedily typed my resume, nice and neat,
By then it was lunch, time to eat,
I used to call his wife Aunty,
She talked not so great about her kids,
Since Canada gives too much freedom to kids,
I figured out she was not so happy,
A hardworking nurse for 25 years,
Struggling with diabetes, blood pressure,
Yet never skipped a day to work,
She gained my respect for life,
But she used me to do all chores,
Cut the vegetables, grate the coconut,
Clean the dishes and give company in all,
It felt like never ending saga of chores!
~ Dawn

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