An emotional blackmail


At the church I met many people,
Since Pastor called my name on stage,
Everyone was curious to hear my story,
I had my resumes with me in the bag,
I would hand-in to those who said hello !
And I would tell please share my resume at work,
May be there will be some job that may fit,
I met a new Pastor who was happy to introduce,
Met his wife who was a nurse too with a kid,
He was nice and kind until I figured out his aim,
He wanted me to join him and leave Pastor’s home,
He would not take rent from me and I can live for free,
This alarmed me the moment I heard its free!
In school I had heard, ‘there are no free lunches’,
And I thanked him and his wife for being nice,
I asked if you can please find me a job, here’s my resume!
Aunty saw me talking to new Pastor and got furious at me,
Everyone was quiet as we got in to the car.
Suddenly Aunty asked, what was he talking to you?
I know he is jealous when God is kind on us.
Without any edits I shared with them what he said,
Aunty was upset that he is stealing me from them,
Pastor got serious as his wife was upset,
We reached home and sat for lunch,
At the dining table when kids were gone,
Pastor asked me, if I have any plans,
Like a proud woman I said its my word to you,
I will not leave this house and will pay rent to you,
He reminded me of his wife being not well with health,
If I leave suddenly she might fall sick,
I felt like an emotional blackmail,
But I was not ready to be a bait for another Pastor,
I agreed to stay there and look for job,
Pastor was heading to India so he gave me a task,
Translate my poetry to other languages,
This is the God’s path as he has a purpose!
~ Dawn

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