Let’s get out of this house…!


It was an exhaustive day – Sunday,
I was tired of the entire drama,
And after the dinner and dishes,
It was time to call for the day,
Late night Yamuna came in,
Whispered to check if am awake,
I was excited to see her after so long,
I got up and she said lets be quiet,
Since we lived in the basement,
One could hear everything upstairs,
Yamuna’s weekend was Monday,
She said lets get out of this house,
So we could talk and enjoy friendship,
If you stay where with Pastor,
You will go mad and there will be no job,
It made sense and I agreed too,
While going to bed she said make sure,
You carry your resume along,
We have to sneak-out before they wake up,
I will show you Toronto tomorrow,
We will go to Eaton Center and
Will have fun there too!
~ Dawn

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