That night when I was lost…!


Every morning I used to translate songs,
Jesus is great and his service will bring glory,
There were times when Pastor’s wife used to,
Make me cut the vegetables, grate coconut and
Put them in ziplock bag and store it for later use,
Once it was okay but it became a routine,
I had been paying the rent and so why I have to do this?
Once I went to Yamuna’s place of work in KFC,
She was busy and handling customers in between she would talk,
It was a plan to make Yamuna move from there,
They raised her rent so she would go somewhere else,
I felt that was very mean to trouble someone like that,
I shared my side of the story and Yamuna said you shouldn’t be doing it
I basically didn’t know how to say NO!
I used to apply for jobs by sending my resume in mail,
And some I would attend the interview too,
But I was overqualified everywhere,
Weekends were very busy and I used to reach home late,
Downtown and home distance were in two ends,
One night I missed my stop and got down at a lonely place,
One funny thing is that developed country has no street lights,
This was something very weird for me as in India we have,
Villages I can say there isn’t but now probably that’s also covered,
In the dark unable to read the street names, I ended up at dead end,
I quickly looked around and saw a thrift store,
Quickly ran there and asked if I can make a phone call,
There was a public phone but I had no quarter,
There was a guy who was coming out of the store,
I requested if I can have a change for two dollars,
He looked at me as if I am weird and gave me a quarter and walked away,
I thanked him and quickly dialed Pastor’s landline,
Pastor’s wife picked up the call and I said, Aunty I am lost,
She asked me what intersection I am at?
I looked around and gave the name of the intersection,
She said wait there we will come and pick you up,
I was scared, I was tired, I was worried of the consequences,
When I saw, Tom with his car!!!!
~ Dawn

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