Life without Yamuna…!


It was a sad evening altogether,
As I came to know that night,
Yamuna moved out of that place,
She was an assurance for my happiness,
I had a friend in her and it always helped,
One thing I realized, no matter what happens,
In life if you have a good friend, rest will fall in place,
Next day I went to work and called Yamuna from there,
I wanted to ask her to come back but I had no right to do so,
I spoke to her and like a big sister she advised me not to fall for
Pastor will try his best to preach and convert,
But focus on your job as you need to pay bills,
After my orientation I was free entire weekdays,
My weekends were busy as I was getting trained,
There was a Canadian Chinese girl who was the head cashier,
She trained me during weekdays, until her shift ends,
Later I came to know she was from Calcutta, India,
Weekdays the public transportation has an early morning schedule,
Weekends it was a different story there,
Life was a bit depressing for me without Yamuna,
Jesus should bring happiness and liveliness but sadly not!
I used to lock myself in my room and write my diary,
Sometimes I used to write six pages letter to family,
But would tear it off after completion as I didn’t want it to go,
Letting your family about your problems is not nice,
Because it will make them sad and sitting that far they will worry!
So what you do? Live in your own misery !

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