The game of money $$


In all this a month was over,
Jesus’s glory, my work and the chores,
All this engaged me but still life was sad
The Pastor who used to talk to me nicely
Started being a bit serious and angry at times,
His wife was too sweet and loving through out,
She requested to teach Math to their daughter,
Often Mother-Daughter used to have arguments,
Sometimes I would tell the Daughter not to back answer Mom,
Sometimes I would tell the Mother not to raise hand on kids,
Because they call the cops in this country,
Why will they not when the mother hitting with a hot spatula,
Somehow I would stop their arguments but my tuition time got long,
Whenever the translation comes or tuition one should think of Jesus,
But by the time month end came the rent request came in,
Meanwhile, I got my first salary ,
$275 was the salary for the month and $250 was rent,
The remaining was used for the TTC token for transit,
In between company asked to open an account at the bank,
As they don’t want to spend on the cheque,
Someone suggested TD Bank is good should open account there,
I decided to open an account at TD an Indian lady Advani she helped,
After few exchange of greetings, she fulfilled the formalities of account opening,
She mentioned there will be $5 service fee for the account,
In India I never paid any fee to keep my money in their account,
I asked what kind of fee? To keep my money in your account why should I pay?
Mrs Advani said actually bank is taking care of your money and the transactions,
At that time it seemed very painful affair, first of all less money and fee to keep it?
New place new traditions, I started learning from here!
~ Dawn

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