New views of new world…


The bank account was opened and active,
So I handed the rent cheque to Pastor
As soon he took the cheque he said
This is the glory of Jesus, praise the lord !
After that he called me for a prayer,
Entire family was there for the prayer,
After the prayer Pastor called me on the side,
Said, I will be leaving for India in couple of days,
Promise me that you won’t go to other Pastor,
The other Pastor may call and I don’t want you to go,
I was shocked and upset too that this is still a topic ?
Well, I asked what happened Pastor why now?
He said, my wife is a patient and I don’t want,
Her to suffer with any such shocks and if you want to go
Then you must go now while I am here and not later,
I had no such intentions about leaving this place,
And I had given my word for that matter to him,
Then why this questions?
Pastor asked me to promise him before he leaves for his trip,
I assured him and gave my best wishes for happy journey,
After that Pastor left for India very happily,
On this end life was no different that the usual,
That’s when the other Pastor called me on phone,
It was framed as if I asked for this call,
Pastor’s wife gave the phone to me saying did you asked him to call?
I was upset that I am like a football in between these Pastors,
And I said I don’t want to talk to anyone,
Pastor’s wife said, talk otherwise he will think I restricted you.
Poor me, what can I do in all this but just do what is said?
Picked the receiver a very pleasant invitation came from that end,
Looking at the overall situation, I decided to say No!
And I did in such a way that even Pastor’s wife could hear,
Pastor’s wife was happy as she expressed her affection to me,
Time was just passing and often Tom when he comes to the kitchen,
His Mom would scold him and send him back to his room.
Pastor’s daughter became a good friend there,
She used to share her singing hobby, her likes and dislikes,
All this and more she would share with me and I felt we are all same,
During this time Pastor’s daughter asked me for a help,
She said we look more or less same,
Why don’t you take my ID and give my math exam,
Teaching math that too without any fee is fine,
But this seems like a plan to send me to jail?
I had to tell her nicely that I worked hard in life,
And I came here too on my merits not to go to jail,
If you study well you will be able to write it and all will be fine,
She was a thirteen year old teen but was like a friend,
Seeing me in deep thoughts and sad, she asked me one day,
Will you come with me to a place I want to show you something,
I asked what about your Mom, will she agree?
Daughter said, she won’t be there as she has work that day,
We both will go but don’t tell this to anyone,
That afternoon me and Pastor’s daughter went on a trip,
First on TTC bus, then subway and then streetcar
While traveling on these she says did you see her?
Out of curious I said who?
The lesbian who was sitting next to you,
Lesbian? How would I know that?
I have not seen anyone like that!
~ Dawn

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