Save your own life first


Let’s look at my job that time,
A Cashier’s job is not just counting money,
In fact cooking, sweeping the floor, washing dishes,
Many times I felt what have I achieved coming this far,
In a developed country my degree would be of some use I thought,
But here immigrants have to prove their caliber,
Well, let me tell you what happened one day,
One Saturday in Summer time,
Restaurant was packed with tourists from across
Business was good that day with collections,
My cash tray was filled with American dollars,
While helping a customer at the cash counter,
A hand came from behind on the cash tray,
The moment I saw the hand I caught him,
That hand grabbed the money from the tray,
He was trying to run with that cash,
How would I allow him to run with that cash?
After all I grew up in National Defense Academy,
How could I let him go so easily
I just caught him in all enthusiasm from behind,
He was seven feet tall guy and his shirt was in my hand,
I was only 5 feet 4 inches but I had no less energy and excitement,
With bravery I caught the thief and also released him,
If it was India where a girl catches a thief
Everyone will come to rescue and help to catch the thief,
At least India was like that when I grew up there,
Well, after catching the thief I called for my manager Peter
Since he didn’t showed up and rest of the people were watching the scene,
I said to the thief, go man its your day,
I went inside and asked the manager you didn’t come to help?
The thief has robbed the money and left,
Manager without an eye contact, said he was busy,
Well, he was having his pasta at that time,
Here things were different I was kind a crazy for them,
The cops came and inquired and investigated,
There was a scratch on my hand with the nail of that thief,
Cop said, you’re lucky that you’re alive,
If he had a gun in his pocket and if he had aimed at you?
That day I learned a lesson there,
No matter what happens save your own life first,
Here no one cares for anyone, everyone mind their own business,
I reached home that evening when I came to know it was on TV,
A brave India girl got saved from getting killed!
~ Dawn

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