Sun is never the same from dawn to dusk…


At King street we were only a week
Then we shifted to condominium,
Here I didn’t have a room for self,
I was sharing with the 9 year old kid,
Time used to pass very well with the kid,
Now after work I used to go day time work
At the restaurant where lady’s husband worked,
Big cities, big restaurants had all this show-biz,
But only the employees who work their know,
The real story of their life with minimum wages,
It was like people had only one dream how to add hours,
Drop by drop the hours will pay more
But then it comes around there you earn more,
You pay tax more to the government,
But then if you earn less how would you manage expense,
The whole world is grinding under this,
I had a good job in India which I left
I wondered is this why I came all the way here?
I was not happy with this and this is the only job I have,
As per the lady, she kept pestering you shouldn’t leave this,
I used to feel bad for such discouragement,
I used to consider them as family,
The lady used to go to work during the day,
Her hubby would leave in the evening to return at 4 am,
To make both ends meet this was the job,
I had decided I won’t be at this job for long,
I gave myself four months to find another job,
The daughter used to like me we were friends,
We used to spend time talking discussing and playing,
Lady used to be insulting sometimes with her behavior,
Her parents were visiting and they loved me
But the lady didn’t invite me for her daughter’s birthday,
She didn’t want to invite me as I had less salary and a small job,
But the mother invited with love and affection,
She mentioned you are part of this family,
You must come for the birthday party,
I respected the mother and so went for the party,
Took a small gift for the little girl,
Lady after seeing me said, I didn’t invite you
Because you may not have money to buy gift,
I still remember the expression and moment of that time,
One doesn’t have to be in a situation forever,
Things change and one gets an opportunity to change,
The husband and the daughter were nice and polite to me,
Probably in this country I was scared to live alone,
I still decided to stay their and ignored everything else,
When lady had to get groceries she would be nice and polite,
I used to fall for those and help getting bags of rice and potatoes
We used to go in bus to get these from far and carry the weight alone,
In all this if I get delayed to give rent because I couldn’t get the cash,
She would really mess up my day with taunts,
In the beginning things were good but as time started moving,
The lady’s behavior was different and disrespectful,
I used to wash the pots nice and shiny
Since then that became my job,
Sometimes I would forget all this and make Indian crepe dosa,
I used to give hair massage and shoulder massage when they asked,
But then even Sun is never the same from dawn to dusk,
So I believed myself that my time will also turn into good!
~ Dawn

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