You got to take risk in life…!


In all my effort and risks that I took,
No one ever encouraged me ever here,
Everyone say don’t leave the cashier job,
At least you’re at restaurant where you get food,
I feel either people are happy in what they are doing,
Or else they are scared of taking risks,
My problem was my boredom for sure,
But at least I should work as per my education,
Otherwise how would I challenge myself
How would I learn something and teach something,
Life was becoming difficult and depressing too,
I had to challenge myself and take some risks,
To feel life and live from a new point of view,
For me challenges were living life,
With the lady I had good and bad days,
The lady didn’t like me looking for better opportunities,
Overall after living for three and half months,
The lady asked me to find my own way,
She insisted and took me to a place for renting apartment,
I had to pay 200 dollars deposit to get apartment in two weeks,
When I followed up there was no phone and no company,
The person did collect money from many and ran off,
All this and the behavior of lady left a bad taste in mouth,
In all this my training had started and I bid farewell from Movenpick,
Some were worried for me as how I will be?
And some thought I was brave,
Well you got to take risk in life,
Or else what would you get?
~ Dawn

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