Learn to adjust…


The way the training was going on,
It was clear its a sales job, you have to sell,
My situation wasn’t such that,
I could say ‘no’ and walk-out from there,
I used to feel that’s rude and mean to say,
But for me there wasn’t any option either,
I had heard education is very expensive here,
I was lucky to to get learn about sales technique,
And whatever came in my way I learned,
It will come useful everywhere,
After two days of tough training,
We were sent to the call center to sell,
When earlier everyone was telling me to opt for sales job,
Because I can speak English and should try my luck there,
But I can’t even imagine myself selling as I freak out, even now,
Till now there was no need of office going clothes,
As in the restaurant I had uniform and apron,
Here I will have to go in professional attire,
So I shared my dilemma with the Maharashtrian lady,
She took me to a Goodwill’s store,
Here people donate their clothes and that’s washed and sold here,
I bought a few for myself to wear in the office,
The lady wasn’t that happy with everything going,
Not sure what was the issue was it I left the job or will I earn more now?
Anyhow, I had to move out of that place,
As the lady had given the ultimatum to find my own,
I looked around an apartment for rent at
St Dennis Drive on the 8th floor,
At least here it will be my world and my ways,
Initially I was scared as I was still new here,
I never lived alone so far here,
As I landed I was at Pastor’s house and then this lady,
I really want to thank both of them for my experience,
Today anyone asks, I suggest not to live with roommates,
If you want to stay, stay alone or else
Learn to adjust with roommates !
~ Dawn

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