Not Human! We failed!!!!


What is racism? This is still unknown to many,
Learned about apartheid in elementary school,
But that time also it was taught as others problem,
Those who live a privileged life know nothing about it,
May be that’s the reason racism, untouchability,
All this became mere a chapter in the school syllabus,
That is taught from year to year in literature,
How many tried to understand about racism?
No one validated that when they were teaching,
But everyone got full grades in the examination,
We learned to become intelligent but not human,
We always found a reason to discriminate,
Racism, color, caste, religion, you name it,
And if all this is not enough then gender inequality,
To play with people’s life is like a game,
Can’t believe how we call ourselves intelligent
We achieved everything in life with education
But, not Human! We failed!!!!
~ Dawn
#blacklivesmatter , #NoJusticeNoPeace, #StopRacism

2 thoughts on “Not Human! We failed!!!!

  1. Dear Usha,
    It is distressing how world is still here. For all the advances we made as humanity we are still primitive.
    Then let us people of Indians do a soul searching. We still use “untouchables “ to group a class of people who are one of us. Saddest & cruelest attitude. People who are discriminated in their land of birth. Then we have “ other backward cast”.
    I hope that modern India will at some point walk away from such primitive attitudes just as we all hope for change.
    BTW love watching youtube episodes of “pahayan”.
    30 yrs ago I felt an outcast thinking differently, so happy to see the discussions which is so relevant about love, relationships, independence 😊💐🙏

    • Thank you so much for spending time here, appreciate you taking time to read and add your comment 🙏, I feel there’s yet to evolve as a human 😊. Good to hear you liked our discussion on the video about love and relationships 🙏😍 thanks again!

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