I can’t breathe!


I am getting suffocated,
I can’t breathe,
I am troubled!
Listening to these words,
Still what kind of hatred
Does one has?
Hatred and anger,
For that person?
To whom he killed,
Suffocating him with his knee
On his neck until,
He took his last breath!
I am getting suffocated,
Looking all this,
Which era am I living in?
In the olden days,
I had heard elders telling,
Us the stories from history,
In class and that time,
There was this hope about,
Where everything will be fine,
Justice will be there,
racism will be erased,
discrimination over
caste and religion will be
One can practice religion,
At home,
But there won’t be
Any injustice!
Today I feel suffocated,
Where are we humans
Why we have become,
Thirsty for each other’s
I am feeling suffocated,
Even by thinking of how
was suffocated to
By the law and force,
And all this was,
Being watched by other,
Law protectors,
This injustice was,
Witnessed by the,
Law and Force protectors!
I’m feeling suffocated,
My heart is broken,
I am fallen in my own eyes,
What times are we giving,
To our coming generation?
I am feeling suffocated,
Let me breathe!
Let me have my freedom,
To live in peace!
~ Dawn

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