Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable ~ Mary Oliver

 When we all welcomed the year 2020, we had no clue as what is the future of 2020 that is stored for all of us. Did we?

May be here and there the news of COVID-19 was there but no one took it seriously. I remember I was traveling back to USA after my vacation and as I was transiting via HongKong I started noticing people wearing mask and I kind of got curious and worried. 

By the time it was February end, rumors started in the office about working remotely for few days and for a person like me who is a people person, I thought it will be a short period of time and hence never bothered to collect anything much from my office desk.

“2020 is a unique Leap Year. It has 29 days in February, 300 days in March, and five years in April” ~ Unknown 😀

March we were told to work from home and then it became the new normal for all of us. Though, it took a while for everyone to get adjusted because I was taking my calls from my reclining chair though every morning I was getting up and dressing up as if I am going to office, except that I was sitting on the reclining chair and taking my calls. Few days was kind of fun as everyone is close by in the family. The much loved house bought in 2008, I was only now able to spend time fully to enjoy by spending time in the backyard, looking at the mountains from every room that I have in the house – it was a feeling that of a child getting holiday on a school day. 

Slowly the calendar started flipping, work started getting intense and deployment and releases started happening. A point came when there were happy hours on zoom I had to decline saying I need to step out of my zoom. Slowly I had to bring a working desk that can be raised up and down so I can stand and sit in between my work during the day.

Some workout planning inside the house and a daily walk in the neighborhood since the restrictions in my county got induced my walk near the creek got restricted too. 

“After all the stupid things I have done in my life, If I die because I touched my face, I am gonna be pissed.” ~ Unknown 😱

Every possible adjustments were done to make sure during this pandemic time we stay healthy mentally, physically and emotionally as well – it was a very conscious decision that let us plan our day to day life. One thing is clear, if time comes there is nothing that we cannot adjust to. But I can only say that we are privileged and not everyone is. 

There might be people who must be living in an apartment where stay at home can make you go crazy and on top of that domestic violence or even the mental health issues all these could come as a drastic challenge and I often thought of those who I know are in that situation. I have tried to reach out and talk and similarly caring for your neighbors, while going to the grocery store making sure they have everything or if anything to be bought for them. This 2020 year was a testing period for everyone though it came as a surprise.

A time came when celebrations were with family but we exchanged sweets and cookeries with neighbors and loved ones that we could. A glimpse of happiness let us survive the year and 2021 came with a hope.

“2020 is the strictest parent I ever had” ~ Unknown

A hope there will be a vaccine came in as true and its so amazing to hear when the forefront workers are getting these vaccines, our senior citizens getting them too make it more to look forward.

My New Year came in with lot of changes, I got into a new role with a new team though same company but it is so exciting to look forward to a change. 

“Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now’ ~ Hamilton 🙏

As a family I think we loved the time that we spend with each other. The lessons learned during this time is for a life time and believe me we all who have survived this ‘new normal’ will still be there. 

The new year eve was something that I was not very excited and what to do just stay at home but as the night started unfolding I called my parents wished them and it was more to look forward. A hope that I will get to travel to see them this year. That one hope gives you immense energy and enthusiasm to look forward month after month and with the new role and working with some energetic techies in the team life is adding more colors to it.

It is the new normal way of living even though we have the vaccine available which will slowly reach to everyone yet, this is the new normal and we will have to get used to our mask and sanitizers. But I am sure it will be good if we can travel with all these.

A hope is something we must carry with us along with our masks and sanitizers.

“We either make ourselves miserable or make ourselves strong. The amount of work is same.” ~ Carlos Castaneda 

Happy 2021 to all my readers!!!!

~ Dawn


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