Life’s too short to miss out anything, try to take it slowly ;)

Since the pandemic has started, screen time has increased for everyone.

I am a movie fan and like to watch all kinds of movies, even if it is of foreign language I enjoy the story, and why not after all people are all same around the world even if they speak different language – they all have a story.

Every time I watch a foreign language movie, I remind myself I come from a country that has more than one language which is almost foreign for many.

Marathi language being my favorite, even though I was not raised as a Maharashtrian but growing up in a cultural city Pune which is blessed with craft, poetry, musical drama and literature, has had some impact on me too. I still remember watching Gajra – which had short story drama, Chimanrao – funny yet with morale at the end of each episode, Amchi Mati Amchi Manasa – it was more with the farming and farmers related but it also had entertainment skit and musical dramas, Kilbil – such many programs have enlightened and educated me about Marathi literature, arts, dance, drama, and Music through television which was one of the great entertainment device that we had in those days. 

“A different language is a different vision of life” ~ Federico Fellini

During this long weekend, when ‘stay at home’ is enforced as the number of cases in my county is increasing, watching movies and web-series is the new hobby besides hiking and spending time with Mother Nature.

Cycle is a light hearted simple family movie. The best part of watching movie is when you know the actors already (which means you have seen their work in other movies) and some which you only get to know them through the movie – either way its an amazing experience to know them though their characters and I have great admiration for the main character in this movie – Hrishikesh Joshi as Keshav who is very possessive of his bicycle which he got from his great grandfather. Of course the story is around the bicycle and Keshav but with this simple story also there is a great learning at the end. 

I felt these days we need such simple story of human live, the human behavior and the learning out of it. Keshav’s journey teaches us that we shouldn’t be so attached to worldly things and in doing so he finds real joy in life.

“Nature is pleased with simplicity. And nature is no dummy” ~ Isaac NewtonI loved this movie for its simplicity and the great learning about being minimalistic and yet be content and happy. This movie was screened during Cannes film festival in 2017. The movie has English subtitles and one will definitely enjoy this beautiful small village which is beautifully captured by Amalendu Chaudhary with is camera.

A sneak peak through this trailer could also help:

Cycle Trailer

Another one that I would like to share is about another Marathi movie – Firebrand. A movie written and directed by Aruna Raje – a well known in the industry with her talent but this movie is her come back after 15 years gap. 

This movie is a contemporary story of self- discovery and Usha Jadhav, a feminist divorce lawyer who is helping women suffering from domestic violence, rape, mental illness by fighting for their rights and giving justice to them in the court.

However she also has a life and her own relationship and trauma of life. This movie is a must watch for everyone as one can learn a lot about relationships, marriage, sex and love. This movie actually talks about things very openly and in a very well manner so that two individuals whether they are husband and wife or man and woman things can be discussed.

This movie teaches us how to not hold on to the past so much that it affects your present. Let it go, and let live the moment. A movie released in 2019.

“Learn to let go and be clear of where you really want to head for”

I loved the characters Usha Jadhav, Girish Kulkarni, and Sachin Khedekar played in the movie. Sachin Khedekar’s movies and tv series I have watched before and I love his work. However, Usha Jadhav and Girish Kulkarni came out very strong and very much capturing performance. I have seen Girish Kulkarni in other movies but I guess he has not been given as main character in others that I have watched.

A sneak peak into this one Firebrand Trailer

Two movies that I watched this weekend and it has left an impact on me and kept me thinking about the movie. So definitely recommend this one to my readers, do watch!!!!

Enjoy the rest of the week and stay safe!!!

~ Dawn

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