There is nothing certain, but the Uncertain

Have come across situations where you were planning something and a completely different situation you were placed in? I am sure many of us have been in that situation and many times we panic and create chaos for ourselves.

My experience have been like that as I never planned traveling outside of India. I was very comfortable in my space and that was in Pune, Maharashtra. But situation brought some uncertainties in life and I ended up in Toronto, Canada. 

As an educated person you would think, you have masters degree and hence you should get a reasonably well paying job for a living. The situation is never like that at least that’s what I had, in the name of job a simple receptionist job or even a office assistant job was difficult to get. 

“Uncertainty is the most stressful feeling”.

New place, new beginnings but I have bills to pay – so how did I cope with this situation?

First of all my internal thought process, many times we think what will happen as things didn’t go as per our plan and hence we worry and panic. I am a person who can’t stay for long in a panic mode but I know the panic situation will not just go away without taking any effort. So I thought to just focus on what’s the immediate thing that I can do to solve things so one step at a time. This has often given me a breather. Any situation, you need to take a deep breath and let that oxygen go into your brain and lungs so you have a freshness of thoughts. 

“Life’s most precious gift is Uncertainty” ~ Yoshida Kenko

You know how we talk about pluck the low hanging fruits from a tree?, as that’s easier and if there’s a way to get it done then might as well do that first.  Small wins give you hope and motivation for your next steps and one by one you only rise up from your situation to a better one.

So, uncertainty in life doesn’t have to be filled with chaos and worries and any change in life doesn’t have to be filled with failures. All you need to do is focus on the current situation and try to mitigate the problem one at a time so that you can move forward towards that will make you relax and happy.

“When nothing is sure, everything is possible” ~ Margaret Drabble 

~ Dawn  


2 thoughts on “There is nothing certain, but the Uncertain

  1. Indeed, that is so. I like both quotes: “Life’s most precious gift is Uncertainty” and “When nothing is sure, everything is possible.” I am a very creative person and have no problem with uncertainty. God clears my agenda to make space for opportunity. When we are busy, busy, busy, we don’t even lift our heads to see what is coming. My wife gets very upset when she has free time, so I had difficulty talking her into retirement. Married, we lived apart for three years so she could continue working. We got together on weekends. My solution was to give her a bone to chew. We planned to build a house in some misty future, and I told her she had to manage it. Suddenly two major projects. So she had to quit work. When she completed something, more opportunities showed up, sometimes with my coxing. She now laughs at her past foolishness and looks forward to new adventures, often in connection with her new writing life. We live in a chalet we built in Virginia’s Blue Ridge mountains with dogs Freya and Cato. God’s blessings to you as you build your own future, Dawn.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story. Indeed there’s lot to see and learn and unlearn. Wishing you more happiness to you and your family, take care stay safe!

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