Keep love in your heart..!

How many of you do gardening? I do gardening as a hobby and as a kid I started first with indoor plants. We had huge garden in the house in front and in the backyard. 

The backyard was not very spacious for gardening since we had huge mango trees which used to give immense of shade that other plants didn’t had much hope to get sunlight.

“Who loves a garden loves a greenhouse too.” ~ William Cowper

My front yard and my living room was always filled with greenery as I used to love to decorate the interior with real plants. And the garden had all kinds of flowers such as jasmine, rose, trees such as cashew, papaya, guava, mango, jackfruit and tapioca, yam and many more..! 

I have a green thumb as they say, because the plants that people would say is dead and throw away, I used to bring them home and bring them to life. 

It’s a great feeling when a plant is revived and you see they are flowering and spreading the fragrance of joy, it soothes you.

Lately, I see lot of people took gardening as a hobby during this pandemic and I think this is the best thing to do because it not only gives you, vegetables, flowers but it also helps with your mental and physical wellness.

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” ~ Marcus Cicero

Gardening, planting trees is not only for your individual health but it also helps to resolve with air pollution and the climate change issues.

These days with national health services also, gardening is considered as a therapeutical because many times our health doesn’t need medicine but therapeutic and nurturing is what we need. Everyone is in the rat race and they forget that this is impacting their health at such time medicine can help you temporarily but the medicines also have side effects. When you are young your body may cope but as you age things are tough because medicine can also be harmful for that age and gardening for health is what is recommended. A regular dose of gardening is what we all need, a green care or therapy by exposure to plants and gardening.

“The flower that smells the sweetest is shy and lowly” ~ William Wordsworth 

Many studies in UK and around the world has proven that looking at a green space is much less depression, anxiety and stress.

I remember reading once about therapeutical gardens near hospitals for patients mental health wellness, even at prison gardening has always helped.

Nature has its own way to take care of us mentally and physically. Sunlight as it lowers the blood pressure so does it gives Vitamin D, the fruits and vegetables have a positive impact on the diet and working in the garden is like aerobic exercise and guess what these are not expensive like some of the medical treatments.

Love nature and be with nature you will see the positive change in you!

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair” ~ Khalil Gibran

~ Dawn


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