Any stigma, as the old saying is, will serve to beat a dogma

Today’s topic may sound a bit weird but I feel, we should be able to talk about everything. Hence, today I am going to talk about body hair!!!

Body hair or androgenic hair or terminal hair that develops on human body during and after puberty. This is usually light and not much visible whether it’s on a male or female body.

“Until women themselves reject stigma and refuse to feel shame for the way others treat them, they have no hope of achieving full human stature.” ~ Germaine Greer

However, the topic is taking a turn because the body hair grows on both men and women but why only women have to think of shaving them or removing them ? 

Because someone has set the standard for women that they should not show these body hair which is natural yet, they have to remove it if they want to wear clothes such as shorts, skirts, or dresses.

“By telling my own story, I hope to help remove the stigma. It never should be something to hide.” ~ Richard Dreyfuss

It reminds me of my school days when I was an athlete – a runner, field hockey player and volley ball player. Sometimes people used to call me a tom boy but it never bothered me.

Sports is a passion and whether I play or not watching them and keeping track of few teams whether its soccer, cricket, hockey and ice-hockey I love it all.

So when you are focused into a sport I don’t think I ever gave a thought on my looks and my body hair. On the hockey field I was always with shorts and t-shit and I did a good job on the field.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” ~ Jim Rohn

I never heard anyone saying anything about my body hair but praising my game and performance on the matches that I played for my school, which means if no one bothers you, it doesn’t matter to you.

After many many years ago a friend from those days messaged me and reminded me of school days and said, we boys used to come see your game and one think we noticed that you never waxed your legs.

I laughed out to that and said, did you really watch my game that time? It didn’t matter to me and I didn’t get offended and I feel even today that’s how I will be. I should remove hair if I feel like not because of society pressure or what men will think.

“Why we have to be so ashamed of our body hair which is natural given to us by nature?” ~ Dawn

This is something I have heard from home as a teenager not to raise hands when you wear a sleeveless top because its a shame to show your armpit hair, you are always supposed to wear clothes that will cover your armpit but guess what, my legs were not covered because I was always on the ground playing sports.

We women have to start accepting and embracing our body hair only then we can get rid of such stigma that’s been imposed for generations after generation.

I think we all have the right to live as we want to, as long as we are not harming anyone, that’s my way of saying let’s live and let others live !!!!

PS: Watch out how many products will go down the drain …lol!!!!

~ Dawn


2 thoughts on “Any stigma, as the old saying is, will serve to beat a dogma

  1. Hair distribution is a personal choice—how we wish to present ourselves, what makes us comfortable, and how much attention we want to spend on appearance. Some people will insist on following fashion. In your picture, the hair on your head is trimmed. Natural? My wife does the same. Her decision is based on ease of care and how her hair frames her pretty face. In my family, all the men shaved their faces. After I returned from a survival course, my face looked a bit wolfish (more natural. and I decided to experiment. My full beard was splotchy, so I trimmed it back, then again, then again, and eventually got the look I wanted. My family hated it, and my face was a major topic at every family gathering for years. Perhaps like you, I am my own person, so my family’s criticism had the opposite effect of what they desired. Later I decided to lose the beard and keep only my mustache, sculpting it wide to emphasize my smile—my best look. As far as women’s legs and underarms, I prefer the sculpted to the natural out-of-the-forest look. The eye is drawn to cleaner lines and is not distracted by uneven tones of color. But it all depends on how one wishes to present oneself and to whom. Are you your own person, or are you fitting in or protesting?

  2. Thank you @keithakenny, for joining this conversation and I really appreciate you sharing about your personal experience and to tell you the truth we all go through this within our family irrespective of which gender we belong. To answer your question, I am not protesting anything, I am my own person. Since you brought the topic about my hair on my head, I am looking to go bald just so that these things should not be relevant for me and I should feel comfortable with it. But yes my family is already objecting on that though my husband supports me 😊. But my question is for those who complain about it and still don’t stick to what they like, instead will go with what others want them to do it. I wax my leg or not that’s totally my comfort level and not done under pressure. So you’re right one needs to be comfortable and not based on what people will say.
    Thanks again for sharing your version I am sure readers will be able to relate overall no matter who it is 😊

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