A good deed brightens a dark world..!

 Today I am going to talk about the Yelp event that was organized for Yelp Elites. I being one of the Yelp Elite for the Bay Area I received an invitation for Curry Pizza place in San Ramon. This was my first time and I was curious how it works because prior to pandemic I have heard its an event where you meet with all the Yelp Elites at a specific local restaurants and help the restaurant business by dining there and giving reviews and not only that but you get to meet with other Yelp Elites and share your experiences and network so that you expand your knowledge on different types of business etc.

This is different time and I am glad that at least Yelp was able to conduct such events through which local businesses are supported and marketed well.

I have been to Curry Pizza in my city Fremont but I have never been to this San Ramon location because I never knew there is one until this event was scheduled.

It was very well organized because when I reached the counter, I didn’t have to tell about the Yelp event as there was a QR code already set-up for this Yelp event and all I had to do was give my name as there was a list of Yelp Elites who were going to visit.

I selected Achari Chicken, medium size pizza which was free along with a mango lassi. This was part of the Yelp Event but as to support this business I ordered another medium size Indian Gourmet Vegetable pizza. I was told there will be twenty minutes waiting period and hence I thought to go to Target to purchase a school binder for my son. 

“It takes months to find a customer.. seconds to lose one.” ~ Vince Lombardi

Surprisingly, within twenty minutes while I am still at Target, I got the text saying my pizza order is ready for pick-up. I finished paying at Target and went back to Curry Pizza store where people were dining in as well. I got my pizza and I paid for the other one and tipped too for their excellent service.

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” ~ Mohammed Ali 

I reached home and asked my family to enjoy the pizza dinner. Everyone loved the pizza and my son made sure to pack some for his lunch at school tomorrow.

The service was great and the pizza was good, at the end of the day that’s the taste I was left with :). I think during this pandemic time, lot of small and local businesses are badly impacted. Some of the businesses have shut down and I really feel Yelp through their such events is basically promoting local businesses to flourish – a blessing in disguise !

“Good deeds should be done with intention, not for attention!”

~ Dawn 


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