Happy birthday to my hero :)

 Today is my Dad’s eighty fifth birthday. Exactly ten years ago when it was his Seventy Fifth birthday I remember he was visiting me here in California.

After years I remember that celebration more and I am sure my friends here who are reading would wonder why ten years back? Because I had planned the milestone birthday so well that it was a great surprise for my Dad. We enjoyed as a family, went to a nice restaurant of his choice of cuisine, and we created happy memories by making our portfolio pictures with family.

That memory is still in our album. 

“Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” ~ David Ogden Stiers

In this pandemic, I thought I would get to visit my family in India so that I can celebrate my Dad’s birthday. I am sure he would have been so happy, because that’s all they expect- presence of their kids.

This pandemic and restrictions on flying to India only made me to rely on technology as I was able to order his favorite Black-forest cake and gifts with the hope that it will reach on time.

Luckily, my cousin sister who lives couple hours far from my parents home, reached early to spend time with them, I felt that was the best that could happen in this time when my parents were alone, living in lockdown situation. I know it’s hard but for their safety that is the best and only option.

“The strength of a family, like the strength of an army, lies in its loyalty to each other.” ~ Mario Puzo

Since, my cousin was there I was able to tell my cousin to make sure when the cake cutting takes place give us a call so we can get on FaceTime and wish as well. That’s the most in person virtual wish we could do. 

When I checked my email early morning, the notification about the gifts and the cake delivery was something I got excited with as everything was delivered on time.

It was my morning seven thirty, just to see them together celebrating it brought tears in my eyes. We sang birthday song for my Dad and then he cut the cake and my cousin said I am representing you all and she fed the cake to my Dad. Only such time reminds how much important it is to be in person with them while they are around.

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.” ~ Khalil Gibran

It’s these moments I craved for to give him a birthday hug. For now, all I would like to say is I am thankful for lot of things in life and glad that my parents are healthy and happy.

Happy birthday to the most important man in the world to me. You are my hero and always will be Accha. Wishing for your good health, and happiness always.

~ Dawn


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