It’s all about the pain ..The ink is just a souvenir ;)

 Today I am going to talk about Tattoo ! I don’t know how many of my readers have tattoo or have been thinking of inking or might not even like doing tattoo. 

Well, what I have read in the past is Tattoo is something which they say started at the end of the Stone Age. There were different reasons based on the tribe they belonged and sometimes for spiritual and decorate. I can only imagine how people were tattooed those days because there were no machines, I am sure it must way more painful than today and also, not sure those tattoos might be forceful too.

The first time I saw a tattoo is on my Dad’s hand. He has Ayyappan, the one whom he believed as his righteousness. And it is a simple tattoo – the outline of it and I can see its like an army green color. As a child, I often used to ask my Dad about this tattoo – as what is it? How did you get this? How come I don’t have it? and so forth. 

“Wear your heart on your skin in this life.”

I remember my Dad telling me that it is called paccha kuthal in Malayalam the language spoken in Kerala, India and he would also mention that it is very painful and he did when he was a young man. I used to ask did it hurt and he would describe, yes its very painful because they used to poke it with a pointed bamboo stick and that used to make me scare. 

But somewhere in my mind, I always wanted a tattoo and I think the inspiration was my Dad. I know my Mom never liked it but still I wanted it. At the same time, I wouldn’t dare to check in India where I could do in those days.

When I came to Canada after my college, I often go in front of the shop but get scared to go in because I felt it always had a shady look and I wouldn’t dare to go inside that shop.

After few years, when I came to US the thought of getting tattoo came into my mind and I shared this with one of my friend. My friend’s reaction will be – you feel like doing it then just do it, don’t wait for it. And I shared my dilemma and asked why every tattoo place looks like a very shady place? And I was told let’s find out. My friend found a good place to get a tattoo for me and I chose a butterfly on my arm and thought a little color would look awesome.

I was all excited and the person who was actually going to draw this art on my hand asked me why butterfly? My answer to that was evolution!

In the beginning I felt a little pain but that only as a pricking pain as later the skin becomes numb. The outcome is beautiful and after few weeks it got healed, skin got pealed and the tattoo looked awesome. Everyone loved it but I didn’t stop there and just went on with the theme – Freedom, Music, My Moon Kiss, Pen name and so forth and guess what I am still craving to do one soon…!

“Books are to me as homemade tattoos are to an inmate. Can’t get enough of them.” ~ Laurie Notaro

I remember once at work when the blood bank folks came they asked me if I had my tattoo within six months time only then I can donate otherwise they ask to wait. Luckily that time my last tattoo was done a year ago and I was able to donate blood. So yes if you think that after tattoo you cannot donate blood that is incorrect. 

I love art and my love for tattoo comes from there and my Dad is the inspiration 😊 behind it.

“Our bodies were printed as blank pages to be filled with the ink of our hearts. ” ~ Michael Biondi

~ Dawn

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