Teaching is not a lost art but the regard for it is a lost tradition..

Education is such an important thing in our life without it we can see how people struggle to get a decent job. Imagine those who don’t get education because of financial issues or political issues such as in Afghanistan, the Kabul University where all women students and staff has been asked to stay home.

I remember my parents generation, insisting on getting better education and getting a well paid job in Government as there you have job security as compared to private companies job. In India, teachers are considered as Guru and Guru has the respect that of a deity. 

“Teaching is the highest form of understanding.” ~ Aristotle

The relationship between a Guru and a Shishya (a teacher and a student) is very unique in India. A Guru is always ready to teach his/her Shishya and a Shishya is always obliged and full of gratitude for his Guru’s blessings and teachings. When I think back to my school or college days, I don’t think we ever had to think about our teacher’s income and I don’t remember teachers going on strike. In some part of the world there used to be students having a strike for different demands but never saw teachers doing that.

Based on this even today, a teaching is highly respected profession in India and are highly paid irrespective of whether they work in a private schools and colleges or government schools and colleges.

A teacher is always a well-wisher of his/her students no matter what the situation may be, they help and guide and in many cases when Students don’t have fees to pay due to financial situation in their house, teachers will make a way for them to get educated with support. Similarly if a student didn’t understand then they take time to explain the problem n number of times. In every manner humanity is there and looking at their sacrifices that teachers make, they are well respected in India.

“A teacher affects eternity: they can never tell where they’re influence stops.” 

It was very surprising for me when first time I saw teachers in America, protesting with the sign-board ‘Increase our pay” few years ago. It was heartening to see some of those sign-boards.

The teachers don’t get any increase in their pay yet they teach because they didn’t come into this profession by accident in fact they chose this profession because they love teaching. Being an educator is such a struggle in this developed country where education should be given higher priority and proper compensation should be given to the educators because they have the responsibility of raising the next generation.

I often get lost in these thoughts because where I come from there sometimes the teachers are in teaching  profession not because of their passion to teach, but in stead they are there because the pay is good. And you can see this based on their teaching methods and conducting the exercises for students. 

“A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.” ~ Mustafa K Ataturk 

This totally feels like injustice when I look at it as we send our kids to school and these teachers they want to teach the students but imagine how they can concentrate if they have rent issues, or other financial issues which is bothering them?

In India teachers are well paid and here even if I add the amount it will not make much sense because Rupees is always lower in US dollar currency but from an Indian standard point of view they make good income as a teacher as supposed to what I see here in US. In US teachers make twenty percent less than other professionals with similar education and experience. Many parts of the country teachers they live below the family living wage.

I can only wish as education is important we should also make policies that protects our educators too.

“Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.”

~ Dawn

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