An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language

 Today, I decided to talk about my pets. I grew up with many if not too many still few different kinds of pets that I grew up with and I took care of them responsibly. 

I think I was four or five when my neighbors got a puppy for four hundred rupees. It was a jet black Indian Terrier breed. Our neighbor brought the puppy and called his kids and us as well and introduced to us. He asked what would you like to name and we all agreed to call him Tommy.

Tommy was a very happy, active and smart dog. We all played with him and since he was a puppy, he was always in the leash and he hated that as soon we all went back to school or do our homework. But one day our neighbor’s Mom, kid’s grandma visited and she hated the puppy. She would be running around him and Tommy was scared of her so he would pee all over and this used to make the grandma more angry. Finally, my neighbor decided to give the puppy away as he was losing his mind as grandma had a list of complaints about Tommy.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” ~ Roger Caras

As soon we kids came to know about this we all started worrying and feeling sad. An idea triggered in my mind and I ran to my Dad. I told my Dad about the situation and I slowly, cautiously asked what if we take the dog? My Dad such a sweet person he said yes lets keep the dog with us and he told our neighbor, let’s kid enjoy since you introduced Tommy to them, now it is difficult for them to part, we will take care of Tommy. Yay!!!! 

We all were so happy and Tommy started growing with us. He had a special love for my Dad, don’t know why but I always felt may be he know that he was rescued finally from the neighbor grandma! Tommy became part of our family and he used to sleep in my bed at times and at times on his own bed. I never felt that he is a dog, I always found a person in him who cared and loved us. I don’t remember how time fly a day came when we saw he left us all at the age of twelve. He was not doing well and was eating very less at times. I cried a lot and a lot.

“Pets are humanizing. They remind us we have an obligation and responsibility to preserve and nurture and care for all life.” ~ James Cromwell.

In between Dad brought two bunnies – a girl and a boy. I fell in love with them as soon I saw them. Snow white color with pink nose and red eyes. The name given to them is Boban (in Southern India most of the male names get added ‘an’ so its actually Bob), and Molly. We decided to keep them in our backyard where they can run around freely and lots and lots of cabbage and carrots for them as food worked out well. But one thing is that as sweet and cute they look they make a mess with their poop and pee as it stinks like anything. We had one of Dad’s friend who was working in the National Defense Academy’s Veterinary hospital and he used to give tips how to keep things clean and stink-free.

“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.” ~ George Elliot

I remember putting talcum powder on Molly and a red dot on her forehead, Indian way of getting ready for a girl. My parents used to wonder why I put powder on a Snow White bunny because people in India would put powder to look fair. And my reason to put talcum powder on Molly was to make her smell good. They both used to play and their kids they were so tiny and scary that they would only come out of the burrow when we all are sitting in our front yard. Many times, I have caught them playing while I come to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. One night I saw a cat taking away the baby – that was a very sad day.

“A rabbit foot may bring good luck to you, but it brought none to the rabbit.” ~ Ambrose Bierce

My parents both used to work and my Dad used to pick my Mom from her office while coming back in the evening. One day as they were coming from work, our backyard gate was open and first thing Dad said about what the bunny? He immediately parked the scooter and started looking around for the bunny as Molly was sitting quiet in a corner but Boban was not to be found. My Dad came home around 8:00 PM and said, seems he must be sitting somewhere as he must have got scared but then they say when bunnies get scared they don’t live long as shock leads to heart attack. That night we didn’t find Boban and next day also there was no sign. We thought to focus on Molly as they say as a couple the bond is so strong that they cannot live if separated. I only wished if Molly was there somehow, but no third day she also left in sleep. 

Time was riding on a super fast train as I got busy with my school and studies and one day outside of my seventh grade class a chipmunk baby fell from top. All my classmates came running and saw the chipmunk baby was still alive. Everyone was scared and some just left saying teacher is going to come to the class but I took care of the chipmunk baby – we all names Gillu. This name actually we got it from our text book where author Mahadevi Verma talks about her pet Chipmunk Gillu. In Hindi a chipmunk is called Gilahari and we concluded this to be a short form of that as Gillu. I kept him in my bag and after school I took him home, gave some water with the help of cotton wicks and put him in a Brooke Bond Tea box with a little window for him to breathe fresh air. When my parents came home, I introduced them to Gillu, everyone loved it as he is so cute. Gillu got very connected to me but as he was growing, I felt he should be free. One day I just opened the box and few other chipmunks from our guava tree started making noise and Gillu ran into the tree. Sometimes, I used to think the one who keeps throwing the guava on our veranda was the same Gillu that I rescued.

This post will continue tomorrow…as I have to talk about two more pets and this is already a long one!!!

Until then please hold on as my other two pets would love to share their story with you!!!

“I think having an animal in your life makes you a better human.” ~ Rachael Ray

~ Dawn

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