International Women’s Day Celebration

It’s International Women’s Month. Being a woman, I was reflecting on my journey. I was raised by my parents who never differentiated between a boy and a girl. I was given equal opportunity and I was also taught to take independent decisions for myself.

I could do everything that my brother would do, whether it was wearing pants, shorts, playing sports, going for a movie, playing caroms or chess, climbing trees, riding bicycle or motorcycle, going to school, college and post graduation all of this except that I was not allowed to go out alone after 6 pm or after the street lights are on. This is for my safety and it is same even now. But the boys can stay late no issues and I find that’s an issue in itself but I will save it for another blog-post!

Those days I was very focussed on what I want to achieve and worked towards that. Eventually, I got awareness about my surroundings, my field, certain positions and true that women are not everywhere the way men are. Why?

I have often felt that when my Dad didn’t differentiate between me and my brother then why the world does it? A very fundamental question but it happens and my simple ask is when we see that shouldn’t we do something about it?

I come from a family where my both parents were working and when they come home they both help each other in the kitchen. I always feel I am the other wheel of the chariot in my family, that’s how balanced we all want to be.

Given the strides that women have achieved in recent years in terms of empowerment, it is worth celebrating women around the world specially this month and March 8th as International Women’s Day.

There is a constant need to remind ourselves and the world about the objective of this day. At work it was great to listen to some of the women leaders how they navigated their career growth and then based on a study as of February 2023, 38% of leadership roles in the US were occupied by women. Even though that percentage is higher that the share of women in leadership roles globally i.e., 32% there has been lethargic progress towards closing this gender gap. The proportion of women in leadership positions in the US has only increased by 2% points since 2016.

There’s a lot more need to happen, just by giving a seat to fill the gender gap isn’t the solution but men and women equally have to help and mentor each other to be on leadership roles. It’s a collective call towards gender equality.

She is delicate and dreamy like a vine, 

Yet standing on her own without whine,

She is strong needs opportunity to shine,

You can challenge her and evaluate fine,

Treat her just like you want to be divine,

It’s been ages friends now is the time,

We must change for good let’s align,

To bring equality let us define,

Because this dawn believes in sunshine!

~ Dawn


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