Israel Volunteer Trip

There are times when we dream,

Big or small but we aspire to,

Israel volunteer trip was one of them,

People wondered what Israel?

Are you crazy? 

The moment I decided my travel,

Every minute was full of anxiousness,

Counting weeks and days was worried too, 

What if protest will stop us from flying?

Am I crazy?

When I landed it was an excitement,

It was still sinking in disbelief,

I’m finally in Tel Aviv, should I pinch,

Meeting common people and eating with them,

Are they crazy?

Every finger on our hand is different,

People definitely are different but then

Those who are similar around the world are fighting too,

Why we dislike a country when you’re far from reality?

They are loving people just like you and me 🫶


#poetrymonth #poetry #israelvolunteertrip #israel #interconnectisrael


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