I was surprised and shocked too..!


Yamuna was in hurry to go,
But she offered me lunch though,
Home made beef curry and bread,
Was my first home cooked meal,
Since I had last at home in India.
It was time to sleep in my bed,
Yamuna whispered to meet on return,
I was freezing but I was happy,
With full stomach I went to sleep,
It was time when my eyes opened,
With someone whispering my name,
I quickly remembered Yamuna,
Opened the door of my room for her,
She was nice, polite and caring,
When she was assured I slept well,
We introduced and hugged each other,
Yamuna has a beautiful smile,
She is a cashier at Kentucky Fries,
Got different shifts mostly late night,
I am still figuring out things here.
Listened to her story and some advise,
It was dawn, when we said goodnight!
The real dawn kicked-in when Pastor came,
It was breakfast time with some rules,
I can eat their for free and pay the rent,
But distancing with Yamuna will benefit,
I was surprised and shocked too,
I figured even though for me Jesus is one,
It was for them Pentecostal and Catholic
I ignored it for now when Pastor said,
Sunday we all will go to Church, you too
But let me tell you why Jesus sacrificed his life!!
~ Dawn

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