“Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.”

“A desire to help others and give to the world before saying adios to this place, it was that desire as a seed, seeded inside me and Good Gigs let that seed sprout out.


What is born needs to be nourished well for it to grow and spread the good health across and hence Children were always special to my heart.

By helping and supporting the education for children will layout the foundation that will let these children to grow and flourish and spread the goodness across and this will multiply, so at Delta Utah my focus was children throughout and hence the planning to make sure the training we give to the teacher initiators and teachers are easy enough to adapt and in return the teacher’s roll this out to kids in an easier manner.

“Every child you encounter is a divine appointment” ~ Wess Stafford

In doing this, the preparation brought the best of the minds together to brainstorm and the outcome was incredible.

It was not easy to be frank. When we prepared our training deck, it was easy to believe that we captured every detail to show how the tool works. The challenge was how to deliver this simple deck to the teacher initiators who are actually well educated with full of awareness. Teaching a teacher is a challenge and believe me or not it needs lot of preparation, guts and confidence to hold their hands and walk along with them.

Good thing to be part of technology industry where it allows you to play with the tool and learn the hard way. To get to the level of each teacher initiator based on their understanding of the technology and then take that ride to a standard level was a worth learning experience for me personally, as it helped me to learn from the teachers and the details of the tools as well.

How to teach without intimidating and be part of the learner group to discover and explore the findings.

The teacher initiators and teachers loved each and every small thing that they learned about technology be it a copy/paste or right click and select. It taught me how simple things can bring happiness to you it doesn’t have to be expensive that costs money.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated”~ Confucius 

Though VMware and Dell and other institutions took that expense to support this cause and the result was happiness, full of confidence, achievement and looking forward with technology in mind as a goal. It was an emotional ride for everyone be it the Millard School District High-School members, teacher initiators and teachers, people of Delta Utah or even the students of Millard School District schools – it is an emotional bonding that lead us to win everyone’s heart, it’s the people!

The personal touch with each training helped me to connect with each individual of Delta Utah that we associated with. Be it CoSN, SEDC, Millard District Office members, teacher initiators… the parting was painful yet the emails and connections through messages is keeping this bondage going with the hope to support each other going forward.


The motivation, giving confidence to make that first mistake and letting them to correct themselves with support, perseverance, and letting others to grow is the key to be a leader.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you’re a leader.” ~ John Quincy Adams

While doing all this, there was not a single thought of what I am getting out of this because all my actions and thoughts were triggered towards to give the best to them to make a success for their day to day life. In doing so I learnt a lot from others about the approach, individual thought process, perceptions, emotions and vulnerability, those hugs and caring moments all adds up to climb the tallest mountain in the world. To let others to flourish with your support is the key I learnt in my leadership role.

There is no race, there is no game, because we all are in this game and have to make the team be comfortable. It doesn’t matter who made the goal in the goal-post as long as we have made efforts to make that goal to win the game. ☺


This Good Gig has given me an opening to the world which I was thinking to enter after my retirement but I guess I don’t have to wait that long if I have to do a good gig I can do it anytime. The journey continues for me… and I am happy if you want to hop along with me ☺

“Never get tired of doing little things for others sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts”

~ Dawn


The most COMMON way people give up their POWER is by THINKING they don’t have ANY…!!!

It’s really a crazy world, when you think of women going through the abuse and other physical and mental torture in life… there is more to it when things are all fine as you think to be!
Which woman doesn’t dream to have a happy life with her prince charming? Some get lucky to have that prince in life and some don’t. Those who don’t they have real challenge as to exist in that situation or to exit and make a new entry into life.

But imagine, a woman who has everything in life and is happily planning to grow her family by having kids and she realizes after many years of trying she is not able to conceive?
I mean when I used to think of such situations, all I used to tell to self is, if such things happen then you better both go and get checked by a specialist or infertility doctor. But, it’s not that simple as I used to think.
What women have to go through is worse what I heard today. I literally wanted to hug my friend when she said her friends were avoiding her because she was considered as bad omen because she had issues with infertility.

All of a sudden, I thought of my friends. Will they be like that? Did education bring anything to anyone? Or rather I ask are we even a HUMAN?

It is so sad that a time where a woman should understand another woman, you see a woman ill-treating and hurting other woman’s feelings only because they are not in that situation. That is so selfish and inhumane.

I pity such women and feel ashamed. If a woman, who is supposed to be that nurturing, loving and caring human – is behaving like this then I can’t think anything good from anyone. Today’s story about infertility really made me think of – what is the importance of women on this planet? Only to provide…. Either yourself to your man, provide kids to the family, make sure you have a son so that your man’s legacy will be carried forward and then you keep providing everything till you can. Because the moment you stop providing, you are useless!

“There is no tool for development more effective than the EMPOWERMENT of WOMEN” ~ Kofi Annan
All these thoughts and upbringings have made the mentality of people such that if a woman doesn’t become a mother, she feels humiliated and horrified. Where as in a normal situation, she should get it checked and if even medical treatments cant help she should just go and adopt a kid who is in much need of love, a home and a family who can take care of that kid.

All this can be changed only when we can flush the selfish thoughts from our mind and add some human values in it which teaches to love and support each other.
“Ekla Chalo Re”, is that platform which not only lets everyone to share their stories that they have gone through in their life, but also how they chose that path to break it and change it for their goodness and better life.
It is not about one woman, or one woman’s story – it’s about everyone. Whether you are a man or woman, help people who are going through such situations of infertility, or any abuse support them and guide them. “Ekla Chalo Re” is the program where we all women have taken that decision to help and support everyone to get up from his or her fallen situations and rise up and be confident in life. We only get one life and we must not waste it in some or the other taboo that our society or community live with. We all have to be part of the society and being in the society we have to bring that awareness and strength to people to be empowered.

Let’s live and Let Other’s Live too happily!

~ Dawn

Being good is commendable, but only when it is combined with doing good is it useful ;)

It was last summer when I met this person Masood, whom I was introduced at one of the community event.

When I met Masood, I never knew what he must have gone through in the past. True everyone has a past but this person had a daring one and I mean it.

Masood had seen death close to him like an opening door and guess what last minute he got a donor and he got pulled back from getting into that door to this side of the door!
I see Masood –  full of life and many times I have thought myself, what this person would have been before all this happening? Indeed, a person who lived his life to it’s fullest. 
I believe in that even though I don’t know him prior to that incident but I believe he has to be a person who lived every moment of his life or else it wouldn’t be so easy for someone to live life so fully and happily after!!

I feel Masood is a good example for today’s generation and the older generation or present generation either way, a good example about living life fully and happily.

Life is a game either you win or you lose but till you are there one must play the game 🙂 that’s my strategy to life and I very quickly got connected with Masood and his family.

Everyone has issues and some can be very serious and some can be not so serious yet, we mustn’t forget to enjoy. Because when we sulk and be sad, we are actually losing the time which is for us to live happily. There are always ways we find out and when I say find out …believe me what Masood was going through was something really serious.

Such a happy go lucky guy didn’t stop there. After getting back a new life Masood  realized how precious is life and besides enjoying his own moments of life, he thought to extend that to others also. 

He went back home in India and started training every member of his town for CPR (CardioPulmonary Resuscitation). It is an emergency procedure, performed in an effort to manually preserve intact brain function until further measures are taken to restore spontaneous blood circulation and breathing in a person in cardiac arrest.

When he went to his home town, he probably thought to enjoy the time there with good food, friends and all the fun things that he did in his childhood.
It was not only a fun trip for Masood this time. Along with his hiking, fishing and traveling enjoyment, he made sure his town is educated in the manner to save someone’s life whether its their dear ones or near ones.
There can be ample of reasons for people not to go for this training. There were rains all the time for an excuse but I am sure Masood has his own charm to make this work and it did it for people to come out of their houses irrespective of weather conditions or any other domestic concerns – men women, everyone came out to learn and save each other. It is a big step and a big movement if you look at it. This brings the entire town in one spirit as uniting together for a good cause with a great mission.
“Many small people, in many small places, do many small things, that can alter the face of the world” 🙂
I salute the people of that hometown where Masood comes from or belongs to… without their support probably this would have been a dream for Masood.

Today, Masood is a happy guy in true spirit. We don’t know what is our tomorrow but at least he secured and made sure people know what to do when someone gets cardiac arrest – an effort to rescue from death. 

I truly salute this soul for being that fun loving person there yet making sure all the serious matter is also taken care.

He is giving back to society and his community by being a live example and I am sure only he can prove that as what one feels to be back from the death bed – specially when you have lost all hopes – a small phone call 🙂

You never know when a phone call can save you and when it will release you.

A message I want to convey to all by viewing through Masood’s life- Live Life to the Fullest as no one is going to live here forever but while we are here let’s make it a better place to live happily with a smile.

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” ~ John Holmes

~ Dawn

Parrot and The Man …

He was lonely and so he used to go for a walk

Everyday he used to go to the market

Saw a parrot very beautiful and attractive

One day he decided to bring home this parrot

He named ‘Beautiful’ and he kept reciting his love

He used to play when he wanted and kept away as he felt

Things were going good for him, until

The parrot ‘Beautiful’ learned few things from him

The day Beautiful started demanding the time

He became angry as ‘how dare you’?

The parrot looked and waited for his company

He neglected and went to find his space

The parrot who was happy in the market lost all here

Today the parrot is still their with him

But only sitting quiet and lonely.

The parrot learned the lesson for life

Never give company to a man

They are selfish born.

~ Dawn

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere…!

They teach at home injustice is bad and one should fight against that. No matter to whom injustice happens, never sit and watch but raise your voice against injustice for anyone and everyone.

As human when we live in a community or society as within family it’s not always that everything has to be rosy and dandy. Things may not go the right way always for everyone. Similarly on a large scale when things happen differently to individuals or to a clan or community obviously someone will raise the voice for the injustice that is happening on them.

A leader is born out of misery and pain. If we think peacefully, why people go on protest such as hunger strike, or even the ones that our father of nation did as ‘dandi march’, ‘namak satyagrah’, protesting against the Britishers, any such event takes it’s against one or the other injustice that is taking place around the world.

Naxalites, who are they? Who created them? Where do they come from? They are all born inside us. Everyday one or the other person is naxal – fighting against something or the other. Those who suffer only they know in reality what it is to be treated differently and not give them the equal status in the society.

Reading about Sheetal Sathe, gives so much pain and agony that one cannot help on humanity grounds also. There are so many people around in the world who could be dangerous to the society in one or the other way and they are all living a peaceful life because they have power and money to support the system.
Those who don’t have these, they suffer in jail for raising voice against the government. What was their fault? They protested through poetry. Is that why Sheetal Sathe’s baby will be born in the jail in an unhealthy and unhygienic condition?

This is shame and inhumane to treat a human so brutally.

Pain and agony inside and outside
I live only to have justice beside
You torture me, you threaten me
You try to take my flesh out of me
The song of my suffering taking ride
To let the world know my side
Many lives have gone from time to time
I will also drown in one way or the other
Hey people who watch me and listen to me
Make sure you play this song of my plight
To every ear that you see around
Let the dawn bring that justice
Not for me  Not for you But for all!

~ Dawn

"Love all, trust a few"

John had the perfect opportunity to express his feelings and he did. James decided to fly to India and meet John in person.
Both were very happy – when they met they felt they are made for each other.
John took James to most of the places and showed around and this gave them a good chance to know each other well.
James after spending one month in India with John had to leave for US. He told John to think about the relationship seriously and things should work out well in life.

“Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement.” ~ Alfred Adler

John was very happy though he was sad that James is leaving but looking at the positive aspect John felt relaxed and peace at heart.
I think it was then when, in US the gay-marriage bill got passed and everyone was getting married left and right :), when James insisted John to fly to US.
John was not able to do so and a time came where James gave an ultimatum to his partner that if he doesn’t make up his mind in 2 weeks he is going to split ways with him.
John tried to explain him on what basis he can come there and other hurdles that he has but all in vain. James moved on with his life and John again lonely and sad!

“You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you don’t trust enough.” ~ Frank Crane

John was not sure if this is how his life going to be? Is he ever going to find a partner with whom he can share his life and live ever after? But as nature teaches all, he also consoled himself about the reality and tried to look happiness in taking care of his parents and meeting his elder brother and family.
Life moved on, John started spending most of his time in making paintings and sketches. He was indeed very good at it. Friends started asking him to make their portrait and so forth.
One day John met a guy called Naresh, who seemed to be a very nice guy. John always have this fear that he doesn’t want to fall for anything and so he was more concentrated at his work and paintings. One day Naresh told him that he is a gay. John was surprised but was happy too. John and Naresh they had mutual feelings for each other and hence they started dating each other.
John wanted to know if Naresh has said this to his family. Naresh had only disclosed this to John and no one else. Naresh used to send thousands of sms to John and he used to make so many calls to John when they are not together.
One day Naresh called John to his home as his car was in the garage and he needed the lift to work. John went to his house when he saw a girl in who opened the door at the knock. Naresh immediately came out and said let’s go!

“What everyone wants from life is continuous and genuine happiness.” ~ Baruch Spinoza

The girl was bothering John very much and so John asked Naresh – ‘Naresh, who is that girl in your house who just opened the door?’

Naresh said – ‘oh! I forgot to tell you I live with my cousin sister.’
John asked – ‘does she know about you that you are a gay?’
Naresh – ‘hey! No way!! If I tell her she will tell to everyone in the family and my parents will kill me’.

“Life is so constructed that an event does not, cannot, will not, match the expectation.” ~Charlotte Bronte

John was a bit baffled at this. But he was okay when he thought about the difficulties one has to face.
Time was flying, John was very happy with this relationship as he felt he got someone who is in the city and he has no pressure to leave the country.

One day John thought why not Naresh and I move in to one apartment so that he doesn’t have to go all the way to Naresh’s house to pick him up for work. John thought he will discuss this with Naresh in the evening and he started getting ready for work.

John’s cell phone used to buzz all the time as Naresh used to send him thousands of sms and John used to feel very secure and protective in the company of Naresh.
It was evening when Naresh and John decided to have a coffee and they were talking about the nice coffee, the weather and above all about each other, when John said – ‘I have an idea…if you’re okay with it?’ and he paused to get the yes response from Naresh.
Naresh said – ‘Yes, go ahead. What is it?

“Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.” ~ Dorothy Thompson

John said, I was thinking why don’t you move into my apartment that way I don’t have to come to your house all the time and your cousin sister will wonder always who I am! And more over we will have more time for each other.’

Naresh at this a bit hesitated but he recovered quickly and said let me think over.
Next day Naresh called John and said he has some work so he is not going to work. This gave the indication that John need not go to pick up Naresh. John said- ‘no worries! I will come and see you in the evening, to this Naresh responded no I will be out of town and I will call you once I am back.

This sudden change and plans made John a bit doubtful. He asked Naresh what it is. Naresh kept on saying some family matter has come up and he has to visit his parents.
John thought there might be something important and he said- ‘you know my number so if anything you need do call me.’

Naresh assured John that he will be back in couple of weeks and need not be worried and he went to his home town.

“Life is a quest and love a quarrel …” ~ Edna St. Vincent Millay

"Who would give a law to lovers? Love is unto itself a higher law"

When John was a kid he used to be very playful all the time. I remember his elder brother or his dad if they see him playing they used to ask him – ‘Don’t you have anything to study? Go and study!’ and John used to shy away thinking its better to get out of this place before getting embarrassed more in front of the neighboring kids.

He was very friendly with girls and his plays used to be some what girly too but no one noticed until John grew up to figure out that he likes girls but he is not attracted towards them.
Let me tell you John is very talented in what he does and that is painting. I often felt that being the young boy no one took him very seriously. Everyone treated him like a kid – I wish I was there for him when he needed a friend instead of any elderly person.

John realized that marriage and girls are not for him. He accepted this fact and tried to share with his friends who can understand but with others he couldn’t and hence he always kept quite.

“What is straight? A line can be straight, or a street, but the human heart, oh, no, it’s curved like a road through mountains.” ~Tennessee Williams

Living in a society where being gay is not only a shameful thing but a crime too – what one can expect? John, many times had to face people who are of his fathers or mothers age, asking him – ‘John do you have any girlfriend?’ and John used to say ‘No!’

And this answer used to lead them to ask then why don’t you get married? Haha imagine a guy who doesn’t have a girl friend isn’t that sufficient to let them know that he may not be interested or may be he hasn’t found one yet…but Marriage??? Boy that’s a big thing!!!
He always used to shy away by saying – no! Haven’t found one that I like!!! Or have fallen for 🙂

Mean while John travelled to different places for work related affairs and ended up in Mumbai training people for different Call Center jobs and during such time John met someone online whom he started liking, Someone who also understood his feelings and shared his happiness with John. It was like a dream come true for John as he never thought he would find someone with whom he can share his feelings, his happiness and living so far. His name is James.

James lives in US and he works in fashion designing and is very creative and successful with his work. By chatting online for long hours and with day and night phone calls, it was very obvious cupid has stuck them.

Love was growing from a seed to a small plant. As much John was eager to meet so was James too. James with his busy schedule often used to ask – John! Dear why don’t you come to US and then we can live happily here and you don’t have to work so hard also as I earn good to take care of things.

John always try his best to explain as how difficult it is to get a US visa and even if he has to make a tourist visit, it’s not that easy as people from US try to fly to India.

“Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for the truth. “ ~Benjamin Disraeli

It was tough for James to understand as he never went to India and he has no idea about the outside world than US.

John in return always wanted to tell James to come to India but he always hesitated either with the fear that James will say that he is busy or straight refuse to him.
Today when James called John – John decided to tell what’s in his heart. After all the sweet talk on the phone, James felt his friend seems to be a bit gloomy and he said, ‘John what’s it that’s bothering you? Tell me and if you don’t then I will come there by myself and find out 🙂
This was the moment that John was looking for!!!!

“If you have love in your life it can make up for a great many things you lack. If you don’t have it, no matter what else there is, it’s not enough.” ~ Ann Landers