This was my first experience!


Living  alone has its own fun,
Fun and despair at the same time,
But if you have a goal in mind,
Nothing can distract you from it,
My goal was to stay there and learn,
Wanted to focus on my sales in Call Center,
Took the training very seriously and,
Understood the product better to sell,
Analyzed the benefits of it for self,
One thing was sure about me
If I have really liked the product,
I am definitely going to sell easily,
I have always sold products from my heart,
Without cheating and without putting pressure,
I never had a confidence that I will sell anything,
But here, I was making sales 30 everyday,
My job was a bit strange as a telemarketer,
It starts at 4 pm and ends at 11 pm at night,
I used to reach to people where its no 9 pm yet,
I have heard and seen door-to-door sales,
But selling on the phone as telemarketing,
This was my first experience!
~ Dawn

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