The early bird gets the worm….;)

When I see this picture…truly speaking guys..its like a big achievement…as this bird has given me such a trouble that it often made me to run from top roof to the bottom and all the time it makes the noise and runs off as soon am ready about to ‘click’ how cruel is that on poor me..:(
“Cruelty, like every other vice, requires no motive outside of itself; it only requires opportunity”

Today, I had a very good opportunity as I had a very keen eye on this one ;)….I realized that this bird has a nest…:) its a streetlight ..behind which there is a small pipe..and each time I see this bird..brings worms (food) in her mouth and then sits on this cable wire…looks around to see if anyone out there..and quickly she goes to this pipe and again..a final glance to its surroundings…and then goes in to feed!!!

“God gives every bird his worm, but He does not throw it into the nest”

After a while in the similar suspense movie comes out …flies and sits on this wire again…as if nothing happened..and pushes off to get another one…

“Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow”

this was the routine when I caught her in my cam :D….gosh when I got her in cam…I said…loudly….’gotcha’ & some kids around were looking at me as if I shot it hehehe…actually I did…as its not live with me 😦

But I loved the routine & the struggle that our parents do for us…same way this bird…why do we call them animals…and differentiate…???
The hand that rocks the cradle
Is the hand that rules the World!

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11 thoughts on “The early bird gets the worm….;)

  1. Unfortunately the aare called animals,but they do have a soul and emotions,but we the humans are for sure loosing it all fast:)yes,atlast u caught him in your cam, yayayay

  2. @<>avik<> Thanks 🙂@<>flick<> true…may b coz human r like that..!!??!! 🙂@<>akruti<> U said it so right…they do have and they are more faithful than we humans!!! I found the main ‘adda’ of this bird 😀@<>Vinayak Mohanlal { Vinu }<> Thanks so much 🙂@<>lemna<> u said it…time has come when we have to learn from them 🙂 Thanks dear!@<>bombayite<> no its not bulbul but in the same family this one has white & black and rest of the body is grey…where as bulbul is with red color …:) am after one but she keeps ditching me 🙂Thanks all! please come again!

  3. Kya Dawn… Phool Patiya Kam pad gayi thi ki ab pashu pakashiyo ke peche pad gayi ;-)) he he he kidding reDamn good post… so finally u caught the bird… Great… in some time all the animals in Pune will in ur cam I suppose ;-))Have u watched a bird making his nest on the tree… its awesome…Beautiful Post :-))

  4. <>keshi<> thanks so much your appreciation is becoming my source of inspiration 😉<>puneet<> trying to find the logic of life in nature’s creation…probably then I will compare with human!!!! as they say in project mgt…analogous estimation 😉Yes..I have been & thats in india…here but as I go to click am making more enemies…the birds dont like me 😦so I gave up…as I shouldn’t be intruding there privacy 😉Thanks so much for ur appreciation!

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