There was no choice but to go with him…!


When a person travels for 20 hours,
With unknowns and ambiguities,
They only need a safe place to sleep,
At DaysInn hotel room I rested,
Pushed my worries to next day,
Early morning got ready with coffee,
Got the newspaper bundle from the door,
And started searching for job, a place to live!
Got hooked up with a pastor on the phone,
Both ends the opportunity was knocking,
Both were eager to accept no matter what,
He came at the hotel- lobby to pick-up,
There was no choice but to go with him,
As my money was running low on me,
The journey was long for Jesus stories,
Yet in my mind one milestone was done,
And moving to the next worry, for job,
Reached the place- Homewood in North York,
I thought I could sleep for one time but,
He wanted to teach me and preach me,
Why Jesus sacrificed his life for us?
I think I mastered by when I dozed off,
As jet-lag kicked in I went to sleep,
My room was downstairs in basement,
A bed with a small window that shows drive-way,
Outside of my room was a living room and kitchen,
Where I met Yamuna, my room-mate!!
~ Dawn

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