If I submit to the power, will he give me a job?


Praise the lord, Hallelujah!
It was Bible lesson time for me,
I didn’t have a choice at this point,
Pastor’s mercy and his kindness,
More over my respect for his age,
I sat in the room with folded hands,
He said surrender and self-sacrifice,
Remembered John 4:34 from the Bible,
That I used to read to my neighbor,
The old and the New Testament then,
And now, is this a revision of the same?
It means to relinquish possession to another,
Even if I submit to the power, will he give me a job?
I was desperate for a job as I had bills to pay,
As Pastor started explaining, I started dozing,
From far his wife noticed and advised to let go!
Let her go today as she is still jet lagged,
Try it tomorrow it will work for better,
I felt that was a Godly voice that rescued but,
What did she say? it will work tomorrow?
These questions lingered in that sleepy moment,
But the mass was dispersed with one last prayer!
Praise the lord, Hallelujah !
~ Dawn

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