Who am I for her?


It was an early day for me,
As per the plan I got ready,
Carried the left over resume,
Yamuna was all set to go,
She made sure we don’t make noise,
Slowly before anyone wakes up,
We left the house that early,
This was my first day out,
Even though I was with Yamuna,
I felt like a free bird for sometime,
Showed me Home to TTC bus stand,
She gave me the $2 token for bus-fare,
You use one token as far as you can go one way
When you return you use another token,
As long as you are in the lane of the TTC track,
You don’t use any token that long,
This was a cool trip for me,
I enjoyed the TTC bus-ride looking out,
Then we reached Finch station and got down,
From there took the sub-way underground,
Which brought us to Dundas street in downtown,
We had so much giggles and laugh in all this,
Through out it was Pastor and his jokes,
We walked from Dundas street to Eaton Center,
The huge mall multiple storied architected well,
I had never seen this beautiful building,
As we went in the mall looking around,
Yamuna asked if I have my resume,
I had two copies she said that’s not enough,
Went to the xerox store and took 30 copies,
I was in tears for Yamuna didn’t hesitate to spend money,
Who am I for her? In just few days of friendship?
She gave 15 to me and kept 15 for herself,
Said keep giving in every shop, store, restaurant,
You will get a job somewhere here,
We both started from one end to the other,
Leaving resumes after asking ‘are you hiring?’
‘Please consider my resume as I am looking for a job!’
After all that we both got tired and hungry,
Decided to eat here at Movenpick restaurant,
She got pasta I got bami goreng then she paid,
As we were busy eating, a thought cropped up in mind,
Looked at this restaurant felt pretty cool,
Yamuna, how about giving a resume here too..!?!
She said, you think so? Okay go ahead!
I went to the cashier who was managing the customers,
While managing the customers – how can I help you?
I am looking for a job, are you guys hiring?
Yes, we need a cashier. Have you worked as a cashier?
Well, I am new but will learn can I submit my resume?
Sure, I will let my manager know about you,
If you’re new then how do you speak English?
I said, I studied in School in India ..and we smiled!
That day was an amazing experience for me,
Spending time with Yamuna going around places,
It was a good day until we reached home,
Yamuna had no one to answer, she was free,
But I had to answer where was I whole day?
I shouldn’t be going out like this with Yamuna,
Because she has a different way,
I kept wondering why I have to answer everyone?
Am I also not trying to pay rent and stay?
~ Dawn

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