A phone call from Movenpick…


Next day everything was same,
As usual the routine, breakfast, cleanup,
Then go to living room for prayer,
I was advised to be in God’s path,
Not to mingle with Yamuna much,
I was feeling awkward, felt in cage,
When I got a phone call from Movenpick,
I had given Pastor’s landline number,
They wanted to meet me that afternoon,
I was in haggle as I needed to rush,
That’s when Pastor felt this is not good,
I got ready and took the bus to Finch
Finch to Dundas and to Eaton Center,
Reached on time  though I was not sure,
The Manager greeted me and shook hands,
Took me at the back of the restaurant,
On the staircase I sat and so did she,
As usual interview questions were asked,
I answered them all professionally,
Did my best to bag this job of Cashier,
I got an hourly job at minimum wage,
Weekdays I may not have any work,
Weekends I will have to come and attend,
I was sad for what I got after this struggle,
But I was hopeful for weekdays another job,
Next day onwards it was orientation time,
That night I waited for Yamuna late,
Yamuna looked tired from work,
But first thing she asked about any calls?
I said yes and guess from where?
She was excited for me and my decision
On giving the resume at Movenpick,
Before I say, Yamuna asked me..
So what did they say? Not to talk to me?
I was surprised and said how do you know?
Yamuna said, they tried with me too,
I am catholic and I enjoy my life,
Whenever Pastor preaches me,
I show him all the party pictures of me,
At that point his wife comes and takes him away,
They think I am in bad path, not in their God’s path,
Anyway, I shared what happened with me,
I was not aware of its seriousness,
Until, Yamuna started sharing her contacts,
I was not sure of what is happening…
But I had a phone diary from India,
I used to note every contact information,
You never know which one will come to rescue!
~ Dawn

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