An invitation to her home


Next day was my orientation at Movenpick
I was called for a discussion with Pastor,
I was told my room will be shifted soon,
From basement to top floor of the house,
I thought that’s a promotion and got excited,
Until I came to know that Yamuna is moving,
It was too much to handle in one day,
Excitement of a new job that will pay minimum,
But then I will not see Yamuna now on,
I was not sure but inside I was not feeling happy,
It was like a feeling that your stomach is upset,
And, you don’t know whether you will throw up or..
You know what I meant… it was terrible feeling,
That same night I was moved upstairs in a smaller room,
I had a bed, a table and chair, a closet where Jesus was staring at me
I know all this was a deliberate plan on me,
I cannot see or talk with Yamuna when she comes back from work,
I will get fed-up of Jesus’s stare and then may just fall in love with him?
It was a good mental torture to begin with,
Next morning I got ready and was about to leave the house,
Pastor called out, where am I going? I should know that I am new here,
I told him about my job, and he said I should not worry about it,
God will take care of it and I immediately asked,
Will God pay the rent on my behalf? and he laughed!
I said I need to pay you rent for that I need to work,
In between whatever time I have I will do the translation,
He was okay with that kind of adjustments and I left,
Went to the Richtree Inc. headquarters in Toronto city,
There was a receptionist, who was Indian too,
I was waiting for my time to get in for orientation,
When the Indian lady asked me, if I am from Maharashtra, am I a Marathi?
Usually, I would respond as no, but I said yes, I am from Pune,
She got excited and said I am from Bombay, do you speak Marathi?
I was good at it and so responded back and then next was an invitation to her home.
~ Dawn

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