That night turned into a terrible one…!

My first day of orientation in a new country,
I was excited and eager too,
Every corporation has it’s image
Orientation is a good way to get introduced,
Like any other orientation this one was also too,
It raises your hope as how you see a company,
How you want to grow in that company and so on,
I am sure we all see this dream on our first day,
Even I did too!
That evening was with Maharashtrian lady,
She lived in the heart of downtown King’s street,
Based on the address I reached there,
Knocked the door and saw the lady,
She had a nine year old daughter,
It was a nice evening that I spent,
I was thankful too for a beautiful evening,
That night the lady kept me long there,
I was late to reach home, it was dead dark night,
I was scared even though I shouldn’t be,
I had the key so I opened the door to get in,
Pastor’s wife was up and she asked me,
Where were you? Aren’t you scared of travel like this?
I think I should tell you that this Toronto,
A place where Paul Bernardo lived,
That night turned into a terrible one,
I came to my bed and shut the door,
Jesus was staring at me and I was at him!
~ Dawn

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