Life in a Metro :)


Life in Toronto was very adventurous for me,
When you’re new and unsure you’re scared too,
I was cautious more and often think of worse,
That night when I was leaving from King Street,
It was a new route and new timing for me,
To be true, I was scared and cautious,
When you’re cautious, you will suspect everyone,
I got into the streetcar, it was empty,
Have you ever felt fear out of emptiness?
There was this streetcar driver, another homeless guy
and me!
He had peed in his pants and was staring at me,
You can imagine how I would have been?
It was like this every day for me,
New place, new day, new experience,
An experience that I never had in my country,
I grew up with a teaching that suspect every damn thing,
Life is always unfair and so I always thought of worse,
That always taught me to look for a solution,
It always worked for me at all times luckily!
Every night when I get down from the bus,
I would look both sides and start running,
It would be dark and quiet too,
If you think of it, it used to be a stressful night,
Reaching home stressed, I get to hear about Paul Bernardo,
It’s not easy to be a woman and be alone,
Yet, I decided to protect myself from all odds,
I remember since the day I heard Paul Bernado’s story,
I started playing a trick every night until I reach home,
The moment I see a car coming, would walk, run to home,
I would walk into the nearest house as if that’s my home,
The moment cars pass, I would start running towards my home,
The only way to safe myself was to play tricks with others!
~ Dawn

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