An opportunity to learn…


Many times we learn things
And assume that we know a lot,
At least we think we understand,
But many times that’s not true,
In this journey of mine in Canada
I got opportunity to learn about
And understand about many things
Like about lesbians,
That they can be everywhere
But I never heard of any of this,
Not even a word in my country,
One thing I understood that.
We all are human and still
We don’t have to think alike,
We don’t have to be same,
But we still have to coexist,
Felt good that people are open
They at least openly talk about it
Good or bad but at least they talk,
If you hide and suppress things,
Nothing is going to change,
Everywhere and every person,
Can only progress if they ask questions,
Or at least by raising their voice,
Which is important too,
Or else its like powerlessness
Like a frog that hasn’t seen the world
Living in the well!
~ Dawn

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