I was missing my country badly…

So we were talking about
Pastor’s daughter who took me
Out for a trip in the city,
We got down from the bus
It was with hustle-bustle like a market,
With loudspeaker playing around loud,
I still remember the song as which one it is
you are my hero number one
Indian film Hero Number One, Govinda singing,
My eyes were filled with tears,
Pastor’s daughter wanted to see this intensity,
It was almost a month since I left my country,
And I was missing my country badly,
That was the reason when I heard Hindi song,
I cried, and I cried loud as if there is no restriction,
Looking at this scene Pastor’s daughter got scared,
she asked if I am okay? said, I was just,
I wanted to show you this place,
I was sure that you would like this place,
This is Gerrard Street, Irish name
But a small India was living here
Like the streets of India in Delhi,
Connaught Place or like Laxmi Road in Pune,
It was packed with people like a fair,
We were not there long because,
We had restrictions from Pastor’s house,
That day and that image was in my heart,
As if someone gives you a moment to live and
Then say live your life but have to go now
I remember we had corn and then we left,
Went by same TTC streetcar, train and bus,
We reached home quietly and saw no one
Pastor’s wife was working late
As she gets more money for that
Here everything was about per hour at work,
Everyone got to work hard to bring food to the table,
That night was special for me, so
I spent time with Pastor’s daughter,
Few good moments saw with her,
Who is George Clooney? Got to know that night,
I thanked her from my heart.
For that night !
~ Dawn

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