The biggest mistake that I made…


Life was going on without Pastor being there
Weekends I used to go to work and come late
Weekdays the usual chores and the tuition class
Evening I would watch ER-tv series with Pastor’s daughter,
That too under the blanket on a mini-tv set,
In Pentecostal religion watching tv, singing dancing is forbidden,
Daughter sings well but only allowed to sing in praise of Jesus,
Everyone was living their dreams in one way or the other,
By hiding or by living in the name of God and religion,
My weekly talk with Yamuna was a big relief to me,
Life was going peaceful until Pastor’s arrival from India,
Since the day he came started asking about the translation,
He was not very happy with my progress on the translation of songs,
It was Sunday and I came home late as I had work that weekend,
I remembered Tom had told me he was leaving for Malaysia for work,
I had a bad headache and so I took medicine and went to bed,
Early morning at 3 am Pastor knocked by door for long,
I couldn’t get up due to the medicine and didn’t want to get up,
Morning 9 am I got up when Pastor came by there,
He was upset and started some taunting verses,
According to Pastor I didn’t do good by not attending the prayer,
I was not up for the 3 am prayer when their son was flying to Malaysia,
Since I didn’t get up it was the biggest mistake that I made,
He had decided in his mind to punish me that evening!
~ Dawn

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