That night was strange …!

Pic: My room at Pastor’s house

I returned home after work that evening,
I had my dinner already and was about to go,
When Pastor said, he wants to talk to me,
He said day-time my wife and kids are not home,
Its you and me in this house, I am young
And people can talk relating to us having affair,
This is not good for my profession as a Pastor,
I think you should move out of this house,
If you don’t have any other place then
I can suggest you can rent my other house
Its two bedroom but you will have to pay $500
I was surprised he was of my father’s age
Who will talk about me and him I wondered?
Pastor said you should move out there,
I was wondering why would a single person
Need a two bedroom house that too so expensive?
I don’t even make that kind of income,
Somehow I was making the ends meet
I am sure Pastor also know my financial situation,
But this was one of his way of giving mental torture,
I went to bed very disturbed that night and,
Jesus was staring at me and I was asking him,
Is this the punishment for not converting my religion?
Convert to christianity or else here’s the mental torture
No matter how hard I was thinking I couldn’t think much,
I just went to sleep in that tensed mind,
Next day, I woke up and got ready to go to work,
Pastor came and started talking the prayer meet
When his son was leaving and at 3 am I didn’t join them,
To pull something from the past I figured his intention,
I asked Pastor to forgive me for the past,
I can touch your feet and ask for your forgiveness,
But I can’t do anything else that has happened in the past,
He didn’t listen to me and kept repeating it as how I didn’t join for prayers,
I started crying because I felt we are going in circles,
It was time for my bus so I left the house crying to catch my bus!
~ Dawn

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