You’re fallen from the sky stuck on the palm tree!!!


That day I left home with tears but mind was busy,
Wondering how to get out of this situation,
Not that I know a lot of people at this time,
And even if I do, the hope of getting help was less,
For some reason didn’t want to bother Yamuna,
Since we have same employer called the Maharashtrian lady,
Thanking for everything I requested about renting a room,
If she can help or check with her friends in case,
I could even baby-sit your daughter besides renting,
The lady first said no, not in my house,
Hubby doesn’t like his sister also staying here,
So I will check with my friend she gives room on rent,
Requested again to help as its difficult at Pastor’s place,
He will throw me out or force to convert, safety is important
If I can rent at your place, at least you’re not a stranger to me,
But when she refused, my throat dried immediately,
But with the hope that friend will get back I continued my work,
Before I leave, the lady called and said friend has agreed,
$300 rent, she will feed you too, is this acceptable to you?
My job still the cashier with minimum wage and weekends only,
Sometimes better leave things on Jesus I thought, and said I accept,
The lady started thinking said don’t do anything I will get back,
After my team break got back to cash-register to help customers,
In no time manager called about phone-call, he was not happy,
No personal calls he said, only if its emergency you get that?
You can take it now but remember next time, it was the lady
She was a HR receptionist and showed her pride too,
Concerned manager a call from head office, started listening,
The lady said I pleaded and hubby has agreed for you to rent,
You can stay at my place but have to pay $200 cash on pay-day,
No one should know about this rent not even my hubby,
It’s better to be with known devil than unknown, I accepted,
You’re fallen from the sky stuck on the palm tree!!!
~ Dawn

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