Well, it was time to move…


No one has a right to make you cry
Unless they are your closed ones
Here no one made you their own,
My fault considering them as my own,
Evening came home and told Pastor and wife,
I will leave tomorrow as found a place to rent,
They were not happy when they heard me moving,
Asked where are you going and why in hurry?
Since you said Pastor, I don’t want to trouble you,
I reached out to Maharashtrian lady, she helped me,
Listening on to this Pastor’s wife was not happy,
She said anyway you have to pay rent, why not pay here?
If I listen to her then I will be stuck there again,
Immediately, I lied I am not paying any rent there,
As soon she heard living free, she couldn’t say much,
And I considered that as a ‘okay’ to move from there,
Seemed Pastor didn’t sleep last night said his expression,
I had packed already and was ready to make this move,
At the breakfast table Pastor said no need to go,
You took to your heart what I said, You can stay here,
Who doesn’t have self-respect? And I was full of it,
I said because of me, I didn’t want people to gossip,
Pastor’s wife was unaware of all this she asked gossip?
Seems she was unaware of Pastor’s this trick that he played,
Well, one may not reach the Dawn save by the path of the night,
I said, now its too late to say all this as arrangements have been set,
When I was about to say, Goodbye, Pastor insisted on one thing,
At least allow me to drop you, I can do that much,
I left Homewood Ave, the streets of Pastor,
To the veranda of King Street in Pastor’s car.
~ Dawn

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