I lost something and gained too…


The Maharashtrian lady had called me,
Her husband would be at home when I reach,
I also conveyed about Pastor dropping me,
She cautioned her husband about the Pastor,
We reached quickly while listening to Jesus songs,
It was downtown area quite a hustle-bustle one,
The lady’s house was a two-story townhome,
As I was knocking at the door Pastor came running,
The husband opened the door and introduced himself,
I also shook my hand and introduced myself,
I said, this is Pastor came to drop me till here,
The husband smiled and said to the Pastor,
Parked in the wrong place cops may ticket you,
The Pastor heard cops, he ran towards his car,
After that I never saw Pastor in this life,
Very nicely and respectfully welcomed me home,
The Maharashtraian lady’s husband was from Goa,
With hospitality he showed me my room,
That evening was very deep for me,
As if I lost something and gained too,
My evening was with the lady’s nine year old daughter,
Husband was a Movenpick’s restaurant manager,
He said if you want you can earn more money
I can arrange some 2-3 hours overtime for you,
You don’t have to pay the rent here
Save your money and buy your own home.
Listening to all this, I was wondering husband-wife,
What a difference in both of their thoughts,
I couldn’t figure out whom should I thank that night!
~ Dawn

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