Life is nothing but…


When you find your demerits,
And accept it then you put all effort,
To change them and make it work for you,
Similarly something happened with me too,
When I saw that my colleagues in telemarketing,
Were better than me, I put all my effort in learning,
With hard-work and dedication I became sales champ,
Initially my job used to be from 4 pm to 11 pm,
With my performance, I got three more projects added,
Into my portfolio for selling on the phone,
Now I work from 8 am to 11 pm
Work, work, work, sell, sell, sell, products and products,
If you trust your product, it’s easier to sell,
Every call of mine started becoming a sale,
Something which I never even thought in my dreams,
To be a top sales representative on phones for cold calls,
That too the products were, credit cards, insurance, electricity,
Long-distance calling packages, Phone companies,
I had never imagined people would buy these on the phone,
But it was the truth, and I believe like they say,
If you sell from your heart the other heart will listen to it,
One floor to the next floor and so forth,
I became famous in the office building,
Many became my friends, and admirers,
So many shared their love and some got rejections,
It’s true success brings happiness and love too,
I don’t have greed and never did had then either,
Life is to live in the moment and so I lived my moment,
I always had a dream to watch in person India playing cricket,
And that day has arrived too as I read Toronto Star newspaper,
I had decided on Sunday, I am going to watch the match in person,
Monday to Saturday was my work in the Call Center,
It was an hourly job for $10, it was like grasping at straws,
On top of that I was selling few products from 8 am to 11 pm,
It was India and Pakistan Sahara-Cup friendly match in 1997,
I was able to see Sachin – the God of Cricket and Azhar then Captain,
My dream Azhar batting on the field was a mesmerizing moment,
Me common person and they well-known famous celebrities,
Shaking hands with each-other and asking well-being of each other,
Ravi Shastri the commentator too was an interesting in person,
Dada- Saurav Ganguly- that moment still in my heart and mind,
Indian and Pakistani players together in warm-up sessions,
Helping each-other during warm-ups and net practice,
Life is nothing but only love, that’s how I see this world!
~ Dawn

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